Vision 2030 has paved the way for lots of new and exciting ventures in Saudi Arabia. With a massive focus on the events and leisure industry, it is very exciting to hear that Saudi Arabia will be opening its first-ever theme park- Six Flags Qiddiya!

Set to open in 2023 Six Flags Qiddiya will cover 79 acres with 28 rides including the world’s fastest roller coaster. Additionally, there will be 5 different hotels for guest to stay at, all showcasing a different theme.

With all good theme parks comes entertainment. In Disneyland, for example, you expect a bill of day-long entertainment. From shows to meet and greets, there is always something to see. We expect that Saudi Arabia theme parks will, therefore, include lots of entertainment.

With the announcement of Six Flags Qiddiya, we can expect to see some exceptional entertainment! As an event management company with expertise in the entertainment industry, we predict what entertainment we can anticipate seeing at Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia.

What kinds of entertainment will be at Saudi Arabian Theme Parks?

We can expect to see a whole host of exciting entertainment at Saudi Arabia’s theme park. From day to night there will be plenty of entertainment to draw in the crowds.

Additionally, we expect there to be a strong focus around cutting edge technology and creating a wow factor.

Here are our predictions for what entertainment we can expect to see in Saudi Arabian Theme parks of the future.

Walkabout Entertainment

It goes without saying that your trip to a theme park, wherever it is in the world, isn’t complete without some meet and greet walkabout entertainment. Whether you’re meeting the theme park’s cuddly mascot, Stilt walkers in colourful costumes or magicians and illusionists.

We expect to see this a lot in Saudi Arabian theme parks of the future!

Ted and Otto Animal walkabout entertainment available to book for events globally.

LED Shows

A trend that is on the up in Saudi Arabia is LED dancers and light shows. We believe this will be a very popular option, especially for evening entertainment. Additionally, there is a wide range of ways that you can use LED entertainment.

From LED drummers to LED dancers and even LED musicians with light shows. We expect these shows to be full of life, light colour and noise to really create an atmosphere for the crowds.

LED Technology Drummer performing on stage with high-end AV production. We have a wide range of technology entertainment for hire, attractions and musical entertainment for hire for events in London, UK and across the World.


It’s not a trip to a theme park unless you’ve seen a parade down the main through-fare of the theme park. Therefore we are sure Saudi Arabia theme parks will have some phenomenal and engaging parades full of a wide variety of entertainment.

We are sure that we can expect to see dancers, floats, marching bands, fun characters and much much more at these parades.

Futuristic glow band performing in street parade in front of big crowds.

Video Mapping Shows

Many theme parks now use video mapping technology to project shows on to the architecture of their theme park. This is something that is often done just before closing time at theme parks and gives the customers a really amazing experience.

Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of technology and therefore we expect them to use video mapping technology and push it to its limits to create some truly spectacular shows at their theme parks,

Building Projection Mapping Shows available to hire for public events in the UK and globally

Children’s shows

One of the main focuses of the new Saudi Arabian theme parks is that they are something the whole family can enjoy. Therefore we expect to see lots of child friendly entertainment, including shows to keep them entertained.

Involving singing, dancing and lots of interaction. We expect these shows to be a big hit at the new Saudi Arabia theme parks!

Children's show about a ballerina toy, available to hire for all events in the UK and globally.

We’re so excited to see how the entertainment and leisure industry develops in Saudi Arabia. With lots of new and exciting developments already taking place, we are sure that Saudi Arabia will be able to establish itself as a world leader in the entertainment and leisure industry.

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