Tokyo Flower Girls Walkabout Entertainment

Our Tokyo Flower Girls Japanese Walkabout Entertainment will bring stunning Japanese themed entertainment to your event!

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REASONS TO BOOK OUR Tokyo Flower Girls Walkabout Entertainment:

  • Unique walkabout acts for private parties and corporate events
  • Different body art available
  • Exquisite costumes
  • Beautiful living art Japanese themed entertainment walkabout acts
  • Available to interact and pose for photos with guests
  • Japanese walkabout entertainment is perfect for seasonal events

As part of our Japanese walkabout acts, we are excited to offer you our Tokyo Flower Girls Japanese Themed Entertainment.

Want to offer your guests stunning visual walkabout performers? Our Japanese themed entertainment is the only go-to choice for events where you want to make an impression.

Give your guests a visually enticing photo opportunity, as our Japanese walkabout entertainment will make for irresistible Instagram-worthy content.

Our Japanese walkabout acts are perfect for a Futuristic Tokyo Theme and offer interchangeable costume designs and body artwork.

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Add a touch of beauty to any event with our Japanese walkabout acts.

Each of our Japanese walkabout acts will be wearing beautifully intricate headdresses, complete with cherry blossom and ornate flowers. 

This Japanese walkabout entertainment will also feature astonishing body artwork that will be painted across our walkabout acts’ faces and arms.

Our living art walkabout acts are designed with your event in mind, whatever your event theme, we can customise our acts to your requirements.

Furthermore, our Japanese walkabout entertainment can be customised to suit any seasonal event or occasion.

In relation to our Japanese walkabout acts, we also offer a wide range of Chinese New Year entertainment.

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Need some more walkabout performers to add to your event? We have a great selection!

If you would like to add some unique walkabout acts to your event, we have plenty to offer that will give your guests a fun and memorable experience.

Take a look at:

…and more!

Our walkabout acts are suited to any corporate event, gala dinner, public or family fun event. If you can’t find what you’re specifically looking for, get in touch with us today.

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