Comedy Victorian Carol Singers

Taking inspiration from the Royal Victorians themselves, our Christmas carolers will transport you back in time to the height of the Victorian age.

With their themed costumes and appropriate manner, our Dickensian carol singers will light up any Christmas event. These professional carol singers will be sure to delight crowds of any size at your next public or private event. Our professional carol singers will sing in perfect vocal harmony which will leave audience members thrilled.

These Victorian Carol Singers are perfect for Victorian Themed Christmas Events.

Why Book Our Comedy Victorian Carol Singers?

  • Our Christmas Carol Singers have performed all across the UK
  • Previous clients include; Shipley Street Arts Festival, Artsfest & Bradford Festival
  • Award-winning Christmas Carollers that will create the perfect Christmas Atmosphere
  • Our Victorian carol singers perform all of the Christmas favourites!
  • A unique twist on traditional Christmas Carol singers
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Our professional carol singers will delight the crowds at your next event.

These Victorian carol singers know and perform all the Christmas favourites and will surround your guests with the perfect wintry atmosphere. What’s a Christmas event without Christmas carolers? You never need to find out by hiring our professional carol singers.

History says it was the Victorians who helped usher in the Christmas traditions we hold most dear today. According to history, it was Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, who brought the first Christmas tree to Windsor Castle. Through Charles Dickens’ famous work, the Christmas Carol has become a staple of our Christmas traditions with many families watching the numerous movie adaptions over the festive period. We really owe our love for festive traditions to the Victorians.

Our Christmas carolers will increase the festive spirit further when they sing a wonderful array of the classics. These professional carol singers would be perfect for Christmas Carol-themed movie parties. With their authentic costumes, our Victorian carol singers will easily blend in whilst their voices stand out.

It’s no wonder that our Christmas carolers are looking to celebrate this iconic era. With their authentic Dickensian costumes and songs from the era, our Victorian carolers will be sure to plant you in the middle of this great age. These Victorian carolers have a slight twist to regular performers as they have added a hint of humour to their act. Between carol songs, our Christmas carolers will keep the festive fun flowing with their Victorian wit and whimsical wisecracks.

Our Victorian carolers have a wide-ranging repertoire that features all the Christmas favourites including; “Jingle Bells”, “O Christmas Tree” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” to name a few. These Christmas carolers are highly versatile and can be hired as either a carolling duo or trio.

The options include hiring either an all-female duo or a duo with an added male performer. With so much choice and adaptability, our professional carol singers are perfect to hire for almost any event.

Our Christmas carolers are an enchanting group of entertainers who are all about creating a thoroughly festive experience that guests and crowds will never forget. These fun-filled Victorian carol singers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; light switch on’s, shopping centre events or Christmas parties in London and across the UK.

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