Christmas Tree Fairy

Our Christmas Tree Fairy is a walkabout act that will bring an element of the divine to your shopping centre event this Christmas.

This stilt walker for hire is a graceful and majestic Christmas entertainer who is available for a range of Christmas themed events across London and the UK.

Why Book Our Christmas Tree Fairy?

  • Visually astonishing Christmas Stilt Walker who’s renowned for her celestial beauty
  • Multi-talented Christmas Stilt Walker with a variety of performance skills
  • Takes pride in her ability to engage with guests of all ages
  • Creates a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere at any event she attends
  • Great at enhancing the magic of Christmas for kids
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The Christmas Tree Fairy is a magical stilt walker for hire who will create a magical atmosphere for all guest at your Christmas themed event this winter. This Christmas entertainer can be hired as a walkabout act douse her surroundings in Christmas cheer, enchanting everyone she passes by at the shopping centre event with her otherworldly charm. Taking time away from her perch atop the Christmas tree, she’s dedicated to spreading Christmas spirit around London and the UK with her walkabout act.

The angelic presence this Christmas entertainer brings to Christmas themed events is unequivocal, and people have always mentioned how her walkabout act epitomised the festive season. This stilt walker for hire has a mystical aura that will remind of the significance of Christmas at your next shopping centre event in London or the UK.

You’ll be more than caught up in the moment, as this Christmas entertainer uses her charm to bring all the family together to revel in the harmony of Christmas. At previous Christmas themed events, people have been known to stare for hours on end at this walkabout act and her unfathomable beauty. Like something out of legend, the costume this Christmas entertainer wears seems to have the ability to captivate people as they lose themselves in her radiant glow.

Expect this stilt walker for hire to steal the show at your next shopping centre event in London and the UK, and any other walkabout act not to get jealous of the attention she’ll be getting. Make your next Christmas themed event in London or the UK truly extraordinary with the Christmas Tree Fairy walkabout act.

For more information on how to secure this Christmas entertainer before she gets completely booked up for shopping centre events this winter, get in touch with us as soon as you can!

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