Globe Of Curiosity Circus Show

Our versatile circus variety show features acrobats and performers from a wide range of disciplines.

From contortionists, hand balance acrobats & unicyclists to German wheel acrobats, stilt walkers and jugglers, our extravaganza has it all.

Why Book The Globe of Curiosity Circus Show?

  • Family-friendly circus show
  • Circus variety show that includes; unicycling, hand balance & contortionists
  • Vibrant & colourful act perfect for shopping centre events
  • Have bases in London & Dubai
  • Can be hired as walkabout entertainers
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Our musical variety circus show is a stunning circus stage show that will create an exciting time for everyone at your next event. This vibrant circus stage show features a wide range of circus entertainers including; German wheel acrobats, contortionists, unicyclist, hand balance acrobats, clowns, jugglers and acrobatic stilt walkers. Our multi-talented circus entertainers will be sure to create a fun-filled time for all.

This incredible circus show is completely family-friendly so both children and adults can enjoy this acrobatic display. Our acrobatic circus entertainers have a range of colourful and eye-catching costumes that add to the uniqueness of the show.

This musical variety circus show has a singer who introduces the show and who sings throughout which enhances the circus show even further. This high energy circus show is unlike anything you’ve seen before and will leave children and adults alike in awe.

Our bespoke family-friendly circus show is a visually-striking acrobatic show that will be sure to leave audiences mesmerised. These talented performers have trained for many years to perfect their crafts. Our acrobatic stilt walker can do a range of tricks including headstands and mid-air splits which is something you are likely to not have seen before.

Our German wheel Acrobat can spin, do the splits and perfectly balance whilst rotating in the German wheel. Rarely seen in other shows, our unicyclist is always a crowd favourite as he demonstrates the difficult prop whilst making it look completely effortless. We feature all of these circus entertainers and more. It will be hard to choose your favourite.

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Our talented acrobatic circus entertainers can also be hired as walkabout and roaming performers which make them perfect for shopping centre events and public events. These circus entertainers will interact with your guests entertaining and showing off their incredible range of circus skills. In their vibrant costumes, our circus entertainers are the perfect photo opportunity for your guests.

These circus entertainers are always looking to perform at the next exciting location so why not make it your event? Our circus entertainers are fascinating performers who will take your breath away and leave the crowd in amazement and awe.

Our musical variety circus show is the perfect acrobatic circus display to hire for a wide range of events including; shopping centre events, children’s events or corporate events in London & Dubai.

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