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Our vast collection of jugglers for hire are a diverse group of performers who regularly amaze a wide range of crowds and audiences with their amazing skills. Our jugglers are some of the best in the business and have spent many years perfecting and performing their craft. There are a wide variety of jugglers; from contact and Diablo to LED jugglers. Juggling has been a popular art form and entertainment option for many years, people have always enjoyed watching highly-skilled performers twirl batons and other instruments in the air. Juggling has always been a prominent part of the circus, which has been a long-standing family favourite.

Our themed contact jugglers will captivate you and your guests with their incredible talents. We have the Ice Fairy Contact Juggler who is perfect to hire for Winter Wonderland-themed events. We also have the Ice Man contact jugglers who are a duo who create a wonderful visual presentation with their amazing contact juggling skills. These frosty performers also perform in Winter Wonderland-themed costumes so are perfect to hire for themed events in the winter months and for Christmas. Our vibrant contact juggler is perfect to hire for an array of different events, from children’s parties and corporate events to shopping centre events and product launches, she will bring her tremendous skills to your event.

We have a number of football jugglers who perform amazing tricks and techniques with footballs. These talented entertainers can do flips and other amazing gymnastic-style tricks whilst balancing, throwing and performing stunning acrobatics. These thrilling football jugglers are perfect to hire for a wide range of events including; sports-themed events, gala dinners, corporate events, product launches and much more.

We also have our traditional circus performer who can be hired for circus-themed events. He will perform all of the traditional juggling tricks, plate-spinning and much more for your event. Our vast array of jugglers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for an array of events including; corporate events, product launches, family fun days, bespoke events, children’s parties and much more.


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“I am your average coffee addict” Our Media and Marketing Team are a very creative collective, who spend their days bouncing colourful ideas off of each other. The team have unique strengths and weaknesses, which compliment one another. Watch their introduction videos below to get an insight into their fun and innovative minds! Anna Quiroga … Continued

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