Deborah Meaden

British multi-millionairess entrepreneur, after dinner speaker and retail speaker Deborah Meaden, had begun her business empire in her teens, launching her own ceramic and glass export firm before establishing one of Stefanel’s very first fashion franchises. Deborah moved into the leisure and retail industry after her franchise experience, after running several successful businesses was then appointed as the Managing Director of Weststar Holidays, a holiday park owned by Deborah’s family. During a management buyout, Deborah acquired a large shareholding which allowed her to later sell the company for £33 million with a retaining large stake of 23%.

  • Deborah has a brilliant reputation
  • Judge on the hit BBC show ‘Dragons Den’
  • Has equity in various sectors from baby products to recipes
  • Aims to inspire and motivate audiences with her prime experience
  • Ideal conference host with years of knowledge
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