Greek Living Statue

This Greek Living Statue is a great option for grabbing an audience’s attention because of her unique contact juggling skill. Mastering the unique skill over the years, she guarantees to put on a performance as a result.

Our human statue street entertainer is a classic living statue with a beautiful aqua blue crystal ball, making her stand out.

The street entertainer makes the blue crystal ball appear to float like magic. Using her unique skill, she effortlessly rolls the crystal ball around her, giving the ball a mind of its own. Our Greek Living statue guarantees to mesmerise you and your audience because of her unique talent.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Our Greek Living Statue grabs the attention of your audience.
  • This talented human statue can perform across the UK and internationally.
  • Can perform at a variety of events – our living statue regularly performs at all types of events.
  • The contact juggling routine she performs is truly mesmerising.
  • Our street performer is very adaptable and provides a range of options.
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Not only is she professional, reliable and flexible, making her a joy to work with, she is also an extremely talented performer. Full of magic, warmth and charm, she mesmerises audiences with her performances, and it is a delight to see the expression on adults’ and children’s faces as they marvel at her skill. She is one of the best contact jugglers on the circuit, and shapes her performances and characters perfectly to suit any style of festival. We have worked with her a number of times now at Caversham Festival and would be more than happy to book her again and again.

Beautiful Creatures Theatre Company – Liz Allum


Our Living Statue has mastered the unique skill of contact juggling by performing her role over several years. She is very experienced and has performed for all types of crowds and events. As a result, she guarantees to put on a stunning performance.

Using her experience, she is suitable for all types of events. The living statue can be booked worldwide.

Our human statue wears white and carries an aqua blue crystal ball to make her stand out. As a result, the act guarantees to draw in a crowd.

The contact juggling entertainer uses her skill to make the crystal ball float. As a result, the ball has a very magical appearance. Our unique Greek Living statue act certainly guarantees to leave you mesmerised.

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