Nigel Farage MEP

Nigel is a British politician, broadcaster and political analyst. He is best known for his role within the UKIP independence party as political leader. Farage became a founder member of UKIP after leaving the conservative party in 1992, once the Maastricht treaty had been signed. In 1999, he was elected MEP for South East England. Nigel led UKIP through the 2009 European Parliament election and won the second highest share of the vote defeating both Labour and the Liberal Democrats. He stepped down in 2009 to concentrate on contesting Buckingham but successfully stood as UKIP leader in 2010. He remained as leader of UKIP until July 2016. In 2017 Nigel began to contribute to the American television network Fox News.

  • Ranked second in The Daily Telegraph’s top 100 influential right-wingers poll in 2013
  • Named Briton of the Year by The Times in 2014
  • Nigel left school in 1982 and decided to work within Trading Commodities at the London Metal Exchange
  • The BBC spent four months filming a documentary in 1999 about Nigel’s election campaign but did not air it
  • He has been featured on many TV programmes and Radio shows such as BBC
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