The Red Android

Prepare to be amazed by our inventive walkabout robot. This exciting high-tech robot is a fully interactive entertainer that will be sure to create a buzz at any event.

Our giant red robot entertainer is a versatile performer who can perform at a wide range of events across the UK and worldwide.

This walkabout robot is a dynamic and engaging technology entertainment option. Our interactive robot will be sure to create a buzz for any event.

Reasons to Book This Robot

  • Our interactive robot is available to book worldwide
  • Innovative promotional robot that’ll blow you away
  • Interactive musical robot
  • This walkabout robot stands at an incredible 12 ft. high
  • Striking promotional robot for conferences, exhibitions & brand reveals
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Prepare to be amazed by our commanding walkabout robot. This incredible interactive robot will immediately capture everyone’s attention at any event.

This high-tech robot looks as if he’s come straight out of a Terminator movie. Standing at a whopping12 feet high with LED lighting and additional smoke machine accessories, our walkabout robot will be sure to impress even the hardest of sci-fi fans. Our interactive robot is a highly dynamic robot entertainer that will create a buzz wherever he goes. Perfect for any sci-fi themed, our promotional robot can be hired for futuristic-themed events.

Using the same technology that’s created some of the most iconic Hollywood characters, our interactive robot was created in America. This promotional robot can bring a blockbuster atmosphere to any event. This mega robot entertainer is guaranteed to create a wow factor for any event.

With his LED lighting, our interactive robot will make a mega impression at night but is also suitable for daytime events. Our interactive robot can immediately grab everyone’s attention, making him especially great for exhibitions and trade shows.

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Futuristic technology entertainment available to hire across the UK for corporate events.

With fearsome light-up eyes and additional LED lighting throughout his costume, our high-tech robot will create a thrilling atmosphere for everyone at any event. With the rise of AI and other technological advances, our walkabout robot is right on-trend.

This exciting promotional robot will provide cutting-edge technology entertainment that has probably never been seen before. Our interactive robot is right at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and is the perfect way to excite delegates at any tech conference.

This high-tech robot is especially great for themed events. If you’re planning a sci-fi themed event, then our walkabout robot will blend in perfectly whilst simultaneously standing out.

For futuristic and space-themed events, our high-tech robot will make guests think that they’ve been invaded by aliens. There is so much fun to be had with this cutting-edge walkabout robot. The possibilities are endless with our interactive robot.

Although our walkabout robot might look slightly intimidating, this promotional robot’s very friendly and loves making new friends. This walkabout robot can also be hired for family-friendly events.

Your child will love being the centre of attention on their birthday, as our walkabout robot dances with them in a specially choreographed performance. This interactive robot can also be hired for family fun days.

Our musical robot will draw instant crowds and create the perfect photo opportunity at any family fun day event. This gigantic interactive robot is a form of technology entertainment that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Our highly versatile interactive robot can be hired for both corporate and private events around the world.

This highly unique music robot can have its performance choreographed, meaning it can be hired as the main entertainment for any event. Our high-tech LED robot is especially perfect for nightclub events and festivals. This musical robot can perform in perfect sync with any music that the DJ or MC plays.

This feature makes for an exceptional show and something that’s completely unique. Our promotional robot is incredibly versatile and can be hired for both indoor and outdoor events. This promotional robot will provide an unforgettable time for anyone attending a festival.

Our promotional robot will become an instant favourite of any festival-goer or nightclub patron. The fun created by this promotional robot will not disappoint.

This high-tech robot will provide exciting entertainment for a wide range of events such as conferences, exhibitions and corporate events.

Our promotional robot is available to hire worldwide for technology conferences.
Book our LED walkabout robot for product launches in the UK.

Our promotional robot can display company logos as well as the colour scheme of your company branding. With an iPad in his chest, this high-tech robot can have a range of slogans and messages scrolling throughout any promotional event.

With these innovative features, our high-tech robot is perfect for brand reveals, product launches and promotional events worldwide. This promotional robot will delight and audiences and delegates alike at any product launch.

With his additional features, our promotional robot will instantly captivate everyone at your event.

Our high-tech robot is a thrilling technology entertainment option that will be sure to create a sensational time for all.

This high-tech robot entertainer is available to book in the UK and worldwide for a wide range of events including; family fun days, conferences, product launches and more. If you would like to hire our walkabout robot, simply get in contact today.

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