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Looking To Book Burlesque Dancers For Your Event?

We have many Burlesque Shows available to hire for events in the UK and Internationally.

We offer a wide range of Burlesque Shows in a variety of styles and themes across the UK. All of our Burlesque Shows are elegant, with a hint of excitement to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Our Burlesque Shows include our Moon Burlesque Show, Belle Burlesque, Faberge Egg Burlesque and even our Neon Burlseque Show.

Our Burlesque Dancers feature luxury costumes, so you can be sure that your Burlesque performers look amazing! We have supplied thousands of Burlesque Dancers for some of the most luxurious venues in the world.

All of our Luxury Burlesque performers have extensive dance training, making them excellent for all events and performing at Cabaret Shows!

We also offer an extensive range of other dancers as well as many other entertainment options.

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Why Book Burlesque Dancers

Burlesque dancers are a brilliant addition to many events and an excellent way of captivating your audience.

With so many different styles to choose from, from the raunchy and risque to the understated and alluring, burlesque dancers are a brilliant form of entertainment.

Traditional burlesque shows incorporate a combination of striptease, Vaudeville, comedy, acrobats, juggling, live vintage music and singing. All of our burlesque dancers offer something different and have their own unique style.

Burlesque dancers and Burlesque shows are an excellent form of entertainment for Gala dinner events as well as various themed events. Often booked for Gatsby 1920s and vintage Hollywood events.

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FAQs About our Burlesque Dancers

Q: What’s the difference between burlesque and striptease?

A: Whereas the aim of striptease is to end in nudity and a big reveal, burlesque’s aim is to be seductive and aimed to tease the audience and build up anticipation whilst leaving things up to their imagination. Furthermore, burlesque shows often have a narrative and tell a story, the costumes are more detail and often have a vintage feel to them.

Q: Do burlesque acts involve nudity?

A: One of the key parts of burlesque is keeping a degree of the body hidden. Although many burlesque dancers will get close to naked they use props and pieces such as nipple tassels and lingerie to still keep an element of themselves hidden. This is integral to the idea of burlesque being a tease show rather than exposing everything.

For many burlesque dancers, there is a balance of teasing the audience and seeing just how far they can get without getting fully naked. Because of this, it is always worth considering your audience to ensure.

Q: What do burlesque shows involve?

A: burlesque has really developed over the years and can be done in various different ways. However, generally speaking, burlesque dancers will include seductive removal of clothing, dancing, some kind of narrative and storytelling as well as often including different props such as poles, fans, giant martini glasses and items to be juggled.

Performed to music, the burlesque shows will also often include an element of singing or miming to music as well as various different outfits or costumes. However, this can differ from the types of burlesque dancers you’re hiring.

Q: What events should I book burlesque dancers for?

A: Burlesque dancers are a great entertainment option for many events. Often booked for gala dinner or charity ball entertainment as well as themed events such as 1920s, Vintage and Hollywood themed events. They are also an excellent entertainment option for luxury private parties.


Elevate your Burlesque Show

Our burlesque shows are captivating and sensational, however, if you want to add additional elements to your show and event we can help!

Many of our clients who book our burlesque shows, book them as part of their corporate gala dinner entertainment. This means that often these clients will need multiple other services for their event.

For example, a stage for their burlesque dancers to perform on, lighting as well as venue theming and decoration.

At Julia Charles Event Management we provide all this and more. We can create a completely immersive and beautiful event space to complement your burlesque performers.

Additionally, we also provide multiple other entertainment options to compliment your burlesque show. This includes singular burlesque dancers, meet and greet girls, acrobats and more.


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