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Assembling the Ideas

Our client approached us upon a friend’s recommendation to create a Luxury Birthday Party in celebration of her 40th Birthday. She trusted us to design, produce and manage the entire event from scratch. Her only requests were that the entire Party was held in her back garden and that the theme included black, silver, red and feathers.

Most of her garden space was taken up by her swimming pool and landscaping, which meant we needed to put together a complex custom marquee design that incorporated luxury bathrooms.

To top it all off, we had just 2 weeks to pull it off before the event date! Luckily, our team thrives off challenges like this and we were determined to ensure everything was perfect when we revealed it to her on the eve of the big day.

Our Client Requested:

  • A bespoke Marquee design that would fit around the large pool and garden landscaping
  • Our team to use their full creative control with their loose theming guidelines to go by to pull off a special Luxury Birthday Party
  • Luxury bathrooms to be provided in the marquee so they would be as high end as the rest of the Luxury Birthday Party

Adding our Expertise

Guests of the Luxury Birthday Party entered through the front door and into the landing, which was draped off to form an enclosed tunnel that led directly into the back garden area.

Her guests walked into our bespoke marquee design, which hosted numerous entertainers from violinists to fire eaters and acrobats.

The swimming pool, which sat in the middle of this busy area, worked well with the mirrored furniture, beautifully reflecting the coloured light to create a soft and subtle glow throughout the venue.

  • We successfully turned her hallway into a luxury tunnel that led to her Garden
  • Our Marquee Design fit perfectly around Swimming Pool and Landscaping
  • We designed the entire concept for the Luxury Birthday Party and set from scratch
  • We supplied entertainment, services, entire set including bespoke bathrooms

Admiring the results

When our client stepped into our bespoke marquee for the first time on the eve of her Luxury Birthday Party, she was over the moon with what we’d achieved for her and was rewarded for placing 100% trust in our expertise.

Glamour and extravagance were maximised, our take on the colours and feather theming was much appreciated and all of this was delivered to the demands of the pool, landscaping and short turn around time.

The tone for this Luxury Birthday Party was set from as early on as the invitation design and was maintained throughout the night, giving it a place in many nostalgic conversations to come.

Guests, including Chelsea legend John Terry and the wonderful Anthia Turner, were calling it “The best party of the year” and claiming they’d “Never been to anything like this”, which was a true testament to our creative insight and management expertise.

Take a look at the video to get a better idea of how we transformed the space into a vibrant and classy venue for this epic event!

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