Giving life to such iconic forms of entertainment as can-can dancing and burlesque shows, the essence of the Cabret has been carried through the decades and across the world as a renowned style of cabaret entertainment.

Due to this, the style of Cabaret venues and their spectacular entertainment has become an extremely popular theme to use when hosting an event!

In this post, we will be sharing some of the inspiration that we have when producing a Cabaret themed event.

We will show you some of the different features that you could consider and the different types of entertainment available for such an event.

Venues should dress to impress

The biggest part about hosting an event that truly blows people away is creating an atmosphere in your venue that isn’t just pleasant, but completely transcendent.

You want people to step through those doors and sincerely believe that they are stepping into an evening of cabaret in the centre of a Parisian ballroom.

Keep It Iconic!

When dealing with a theme that has so many different features that it can be associated with, it would be a shame not to utilise them, wouldn’t it? The large spinning windmill, the iconic signage, the classic posters, the rich, gold colours, the list goes on.

It might sound a bit straightforward, but by not using things as simple as iconic props and decorations from the original cabaret style venues, you are breaking the illusion for your guests and making them realise that they are in a venue, rather than the burlesque extravaganza you want them to experience.

Romance Only Comes In One Colour

A huge part of Cabaret is its strong bond towards love, romance and sensuality, meaning red venue dressing is always the direction to go.

All throughout history, the colour red has been associated with fire, passion, desire and other feelings that go along with romance, so using a strong amount of red in your event is exactly what you need to build the perfect ambience.

It’s Not All Love & Romance…

Don’t get me wrong, so far it’s sounding like the entire theme of Cabaret has to be focussed around love and romance, but that isn’t the case at all.

Many people choose this theme for such events as corporate conferences, Christmas parties and even birthday parties, some of which might not be an appropriate setting for romance.

With this theme, you can quite simply pick and choose which aspects you like. For example, in December 2016, our team produced a spectacular Cabaret themed office Christmas party that featured red decor, cabaret-style props, can-can dancers, themed stilt walkers and other Cabaret themed items; and it was a riot!

Everyone at this event had a fantastic time and really felt like they were apart of the cabaret experience.

Pourquoi ne pas aller en fran├žais? (Why not go French?)

A huge part of the Cabaret is its links to their French heritage, which gives you a huge advantage in adding some Parisian features to your event!

Here are just some of the ways you can add some French aspects to your Cabaret Style event:

  • Eiffel Tower props
  • Classic French styled furniture
  • Vintage Bicycles
  • French signposts
  • Classic french posters
  • And more!

By using these sorts of props and decorations, you are able to really set the scene for you and your guests.

A Round of Applause for Tonights Entertainment!

As I mentioned at the start of this post, Cabaret was made especially famous for its popularisation of the can-can and burlesque dancing that we have all come to love and admire.

In this section of our post, we will take a look at a small section of the lovely ladies that continue the fabulous heritage of burlesque and dance in their cabaret performances.

Dancing On The Moon Burlesque Show

A great way to kick off our list of entertainment is with our exceedingly impressive burlesque show, dancing on the moon.

Can-Can Dancers

Another iconic form of entertainment for Cabaret themed events is our talented can-can dancers.

Using classic choreography, iconic dressing and high-speed performances, these performers are a perfect way to get crowds having a superb time.

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