There’s no denying that good themes for parties can transform your event from average to amazing! However, when planning a party coming up with a theme that you know your guests will get on board with can sometimes be tricky. With so many options and ideas out there it can sometimes feel overwhelming to pick a theme for your party.

Don’t fret, our amazing event planners have got you covered. Having created all kinds of themes for all kinds of events and parties we have a whole host of inspiration as well as insight into what your guests will love most!

From prop hire ideas to styling solutions and even themed catering, we’ve got all the ideas to ensure your themed party goes off with a bang.

Why Theme Your Party?

There are lots of reasons to choose to themes for parties or events. For a start it is a great way of creating a cohesive party, ensuring that your decor, entertainment, food and guest outfits all tie in together. Furthermore, by hosting a themed party you are sure to create great memories with your party guests. As event managers who have hosted 1000’s of events, we know that parties that have themes often are much more fun as guests are invested in getting really involved in the party atmosphere.

Additionally, with so many party theme possibilities it is easy for party organisers to choose a theme that really resonates with them, creating a party all about the thing or things that they love most.

Check out our theme ideas below to get themed parties inspiration and don’t forget to click the links to be inspired by lots of images to help you create the themed party of your dreams!

What To Book For You Themed Party

Firstly, you’ll need to look into booking your party theming decorations and prop hire. This is the thing that will transform your event space and quickly create a party atmosphere. By either working with a party planner to get them to create your concept or, by sourcing your own decorations and props, you’ll be able to turn your empty space into a party space.

Secondly, you’ll want to consider what extras you want to book to help carry your theme. For example, you could book themed entertainment to bring your party theme to life. Alternatively, you could book specialist catering to compliment your theme, for example, if you’re booking a festival theme you could book catering trucks. Or, if you’re hosting a Best of British theme you could host traditionally British food like mini fish and chip canapes or afternoon tea.

By adding additional elements to your themed party you are creating a more immersive environment and a more memorable experience.

Themes For Parties

Below we have listed some of our favourite themes for parties as well as lots of ideas on how you can incorporate this theme into your event!

1. Alice In Wonderland Themed Party

Know this is an oldie but a goldie theme for your party. The Alice In Wonderland Theme is so great for so many reasons. Not only is it suitable for all ages but it can also be moulded into other themes. For example, want a unique Halloween themed party? Host a Twisted Alice Themed Event, showcasing the more sinister side of this much-loved book and film- we’re thinking all things Tim Burton!

Furthermore, your guests will love interpreting all of the different Alice in Wonderland characters and there are so many ways you can incorporate this theme into your event to create a fully immersive themed party. We’re talking Alice in Wonderland tea party catering, down the rabbit hole themed entrance and even Alice in Wonderland inspired games your guests could play such as croquet which was played by Alice and the Queen of Hearts.

If you love creativity and are looking for a fun and immersive themed party, Alice in Wonderland is the theme for you!

2. Best of British

We are a country full of pride, from celebrating our nation in big events such as Eurovision, Royal Events, The Euros and other sporting events. To showing our love for all things that celebrate Britain.

We think the prime minister in love actually summed it up pretty well ‘We may be a small country, but we are a great one. A country of Shakespeare, Churchill, The Beatles, Sean Conery, Harry Potter, David Beckham’s right foot, David Beckham’s left foot come to that’.

As you can see, when planning a Best of British themed party, there are many themes and paths to take. Perhaps get your guests to dress up as iconic British things. You could include lots of red white and blue theming, or perhaps go for lots of iconic British props such as phone boxes, Buckingham palace guards and even double-decker bus props.

Whether, you’re celebrating the monarchy, cheering on a sporting event or just looking to get everything great about Britain in one room, this is the theme for you.

Collage of Queens guard stilt walkers, red white and blue venue dressing for British themed parties and queens guard party prop

3. Casino and Vegas Themed Parties

When you think about it Las Vegas really does sound like something out of a film. The city that never sleeps also known as sin city right in the middle of the desert. Mix this with the bright lights and glitz and glamour of casinos and this really is an excellent themed party idea.

We think Casino and Las Vegas themed parties are great for adults. They are a fun theme to have to celebrate all kinds of events including Proms and Graduations, Charity Events, Celebration Parties and even Weddings.

Invite guests to dress up in their best formal wear, hire in casino tables and why not even book some showgirls to meet and greet your guests.

Roulette table, venue decorations and showgirls booked as part of our Las Vegas Themed party services.

4. Circus Themed Events

Circus themed parties have got to be one of our favourite themes for events. Not only are they diverse and can be applied to all age groups, but they can also be combined with multiple other themes. We especially love this theming option with a spooky twist. Combine your circus themed party with American Horror Story Carnival theming, including creepy clowns holding red balloons and carnival oddities.

If, however, you are looking for a lighter theme take inspiration from the Greatest Showman and incorporate bright colours, circus tent draping and lots of delicious festival and carnival food.

Additionally, you could elevate your circus themed party even more by booking fortune tellers, acrobats, balloon modellers, stilt walkers and more. If you’re looking to create a completely immersive and unforgettable event, we highly recommend circus theming for your party.

Circus themed entrance way, ringmaster entertainment and circus backdrop hired for themed party

5. Festival Themed Parties

Ok, now we’d argue that festival themed parties are the ultimate theme for all those summer parties you’re thinking of hosting. Whether you’re hosting a giant corporate big budget party, or a small DIY style event festival party theming is a winner for the summer season!

Starting with the venue dressing for this themed party. We suggest using lots of festoon lighting, brightly coloured flags, bespoke signage and even make your own stage area. You can also consider making cool seating areas with palette furniture as well as creating a bar area to get all your festival themed summer drinks- Pimms anyone?

Once you’ve dressed your space you want to consider what entertainment you’re going to have. If you’re on a budget why not make a summer playlist to pump out through the speakers. Or encourage any talented friends to get on your stage and perform. If you’ve got a budget for entertainment why not book a band or even an LED DJ. You can also consider booking dancers to get your crowd moving as well as walkabout entertainment- Get inspired by checking out this case study.

Furthermore, why not book a food truck or two to serve delicious festival style food.

If you’re looking for the ultimate theme to help you celebrate Summer, then a festival themed party is the party theme for you!

Collage of different images from festival themed party including live band on stage, giant bubble artist walking around festival and festival tent decorated in bright colours.

6. Football Themed Parties

The sun is shining, the BBQs are sizzling and the chant of ‘it’s coming home’ is floating in the air. Whether you’re celebrating the Euros, the World Cup, The Champions League or any other footballing event, hosting a football themed party is a great way of getting behind your team.

First things first we recommend a good big screen set up, after all, you need to have a good view of the game. Then you’ll want to consider any football props you might want to use to decorate your party space. From flags to football themed centrepieces get creative with dressing your space.

Additionally, why not consider booking a football freestyler to entertain your guests, or a burger or pizza van to feed your hungry party-goers.

Football themed parties are also a great option for, football fan parties as well as corporate events with a link to football.

Collage of different football themed party options including inflatable football pitch with mascot, football themed centrepieces and stilt walking referee entertainment.

7. 1920’s Themed Parties

Whether you’re taking inspiration from Gatsby himself, the Peaky Blinders or Flapper Girls, hosting a roaring 20’s themed party is great fun. The 1920’s theme is by far one of our most popular event and party themes. Additionally, without fail it is one of the themes that all your guests will want to get involved in- showing off their very best 1920s inspired looks.

For this party theme, you’ll want to consider lots of glitzy props, from big ostrich feather centrepieces to Gatsby style props and signage. You could even hire in gramophones or vintage cars to really get the theme going. For colour palettes, black, gold and white never fails with this party theme.

You may also want to consider different entertainment. For example, you could book flapper girls to meet and greet guests as well as livening up the dance floor.

We think the 1920s theme works so well for so many events. Our most popular bookings include gala dinners and awards ceremonies, proms and graduation balls, corporate parties and alternative Christmas and New Years events.

Collage of Gatsby themed party ostrich feather centrepieces, 1920s Gatsby girl entertainment and Speakeasy prop signs.

8. James Bond Themed Parties

With so many eras of Bond to choose from, including all of the different locations, villains and James Bond portrayals, this can be a really successful themed party idea. We recommend choosing what kind of Bond party theme you’re going for, from Casino Royale to Goldfinger. Once this is chosen you can start deciding what props and decor you want.

You could also include elements such as a martini bar, as well as roulette tables. Many of our clients love booking entertainment to go with this party theme with our most popular option being villain look-a-likes who can meet and greet guests as well as mingling in with conversations and, of course, being there for photo opportunities. You could also consider booking Jazz bands, showgirls and more for this themed party idea.

Collage of James Bond themed party props, table centrepiece martini glasses and James Bond Entertainment.

9. Masquerade Themed Parties

Masquerade themed parties have always been a popular choice for charity dinners and balls, prom and graduation events as well as gala dinners and corporate events. One of the reasons it is most popular for these kinds of events is because it is generally a party theme that is associated with a more formal event where guests can take the opportunity to get really dressed up.

This is such a great theme for your guests as it’s so easy for them to get involved. You can send a dress code out to all guests prior to the party, or alternatively, when your guests arrive you can provide them with masks. One fun option is to ensure each mask has a matching mask and then get your guests to find the other guest with a matching mask to theirs. This creates an element of fun and easy involvement for your guests.

Some of the masquerade themed parties we’ve hosted have included masquerade themed centrepieces, venue draping, masquerade lighting projections as well as renaissance themed dancers and even a giant comedy masquerade mask.

Masquerade themed party including jester stilt walkers, masquerade projections and masquerade themed meet and greets.

10. Ocean and Aquatic Themed Parties

We love this party theme purely for the level of creativity that can be used. There are all kinds of sub-categories that you can think about incorporating into this party theme including Atlantis themed, Sea creatures, Bay Watch themed, Beach themed and much much more.

If you are planning an ocean and aquatic themed party you can get creative by DIYing lots of decorations, or alternatively you could hire out venue decorators to completely transform your venue into an underwater wonderland.

Why not consider having some kind of water feature for your party- or even hiring in a hot tub. Alternatively, if you’ve got a venue space with a pool you could hire synchronised swimmers to perform for your guests. You could also consider booking under the water themed stilt walkers or even ‘real-life’ mermaids to meet and greet guests.

Furthermore, one of the great things about this themed party idea is that it’s suitable for all aged guests from 1-100!

Vintage scuba diver prop, mermaid in a globe entertainer and beach hut props used for ocean and seaside themed parties.

11. Sci-Fi Themed Parties

Now this a cool theme with all kinds of possibilities!

Whether you love a certain franchise of Sci-Fi, you want an extraterrestrial theme or you want to celebrate all kinds of sci-fi in one place this party theme is a fun one.

Some of the recent Sci-Fi themed parties we have done include star wars parties, Alien abduction parties, Avengers, Men In Black and more. If you’re organising this kind of party choose your sub-theme and go crazy. Decorate your party space with lots of props and decorations, encourage guests to dress up- you could even incentivise them with a prize for best costume.

This could be a great alternative Halloween party theme, as well as a great theme for all kinds of celebratory parties.

You could also combine this theme with fantasy as well and guests could dress up as their favourite characters from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and much more.

This party theme is all about dressing up and having fun with all of your friends.

Robot shooting sparkler on stage, Venom character meet and greet and mad scientists all available to book for Sci-Fi themed parties.

12. Tennis and Wimbledon Themed Parties

One of the most hotly anticipated events in the UK calendar is Wimbledon, iconic for being known as the home of tennis, strawberries and cream and wearing white sportswear, it is a much-celebrated event in the UK.

Therefore, if you’re a tennis lover or looking to bring that Wimbledon vibe home, then a Wimbledon party theme is a great option.

We recently created a corporate Wimbledon themed party which include the iconic white, purple and green colours of Wimbledon, tennis courts guests could play on, tennis themed props and centrepieces, tennis legend silhouettes and Wimbledon inspired food.

Ask your guests to all wear white sportswear to really get into the theme. If you’re hosting your party whilst Wimbledon is on TV why not also consider having a big screen showing all of the matches in real time.

Collage of various different tennis themed party services including stilt walking giant tennis players, Wimbledon theming in marquee and unique table tennis tables.

13. Love Themed Parties

Whether you’re celebrating with all of your single friends, couples or just your favourite people we LOVE a love party theme. With this theme, you can include lots of florals love hearts and romantic props.

You could encourage your guests to dress up as iconic couples and theme all your food around your themed party- we’re thinking chocolate-covered strawberries, spaghetti and meatballs (re-create that lady and the tramp moment) and have lots of wine and chocolates for your guests.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s day then a love themed party is a great option, however, we think this theme is brilliant for all kinds of events and great for celebrating all the people you love most. Plus you can always use it as a theme for a speed dating night (throwing it back to a time when people met offline) as well as using it as a unique option for a less traditional wedding.

Giant LED heart decorations, can can dancers and neon heart props used to decorate Love themed parties and events

14. 1940s Themed Parties

Whether you’re celebrating all things 1940s or a special calendar occasion such as VE day, 1940s themed parties are a great way of celebrating our history and enjoying all things from that era.

Perhaps you want to create the celebration and jubilation of the street parties after war or create lots of war-time spirit with Winston Churchill look-a-likes, vintage singers and famous tribute singers such as our Vera Lynn tribute act. Deck your party space with union jack flags, bunting, and wartime memorabilia.

1940's vintage singer on stage, vintage inspired lampshades at gala dinner event and Winston Churchill impersonator all booked for 1940s themed parties.

15. Wild West Themed Parties

Yee-haw get your cowboy boots and lassos ready for this wild west party theme. If you love the wild west, cowboys, horses, cactuses and more, this party theme is for you.

Invite your guests to dress up for the occasion with cowboy hats and boots. For one of the recent wild west themed events we hosted we provide a bucking bronco ride, ring toss stalls, cactus props, cowboy props and much more. This is a fun party theme suitable for all ages and with lots of interactive elements you can ensure your guests have lots of fun.

Additionally, why not consider some wild west style food- serve your guests up chilli and cornbread and why not have a smores bar for them all to toast marshmallows at.

Wild west themed backdrop and props, cowboy entertainment performing with guest and cactus wild west themed centrepieces all booked for wild west themed party

16. Winter Wonderland Themed Parties

Want to throw a Christmas party without it being Christmassy? Love the idea of visiting Narnia? Or maybe you just love and want to celebrate winter! Winter Wonderland themed parties are an excellent themed party option for all kinds of events.

For decorations use lots of cool tones, snowflake light projections and fake snow. Hire snowman or artic animal props and drape all your surfaces in fake icicles and shimmer powder to make your party space glitter like freshly settled snow.

We often book Winter Wonderland themes for Gala dinners, corporate events, alternative Christmas parties and grad balls with guests dressing up in floor-length dresses and suites.

You can also book all kinds of winter wonderland themed entertainment including animatronic polar bears, stilt walking snow queens, snow fairies, winter ballet dancers and more!

Snowflake projections, polar bear and snow covered tree and stilt walking winter fairy serving champagne all booked for winter wonderland themed parties.

Don’t Forget Our Themed Entertainment To Make Your Themed Event Fully Immersive!

No themed event or party would be complete without entertainment to match. We have created bespoke acts and performers to fit in with specific themes – take a look at our themed entertainment here.

Entertainment is a MUST for making your themed event fully immersive for those in attendance.

Our event entertainment can also be customised to suit your event theme, so it’s always best to get in contact to discuss our entertainment options for your themed events.

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