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Open air and drive in cinema experiences

There is nothing better than the prospect of going to see the latest or your favourite film at the cinema, even more so when that experience is a bit more special.

With our open air and drive in cinema experiences, we offer all the services you could possibly need to create an unforgettable event.

Whether you’re hosting an open air cinema event for friends and family or your significant other in your back garden. Or perhaps you’re considering hosting a big corporate drive in cinema event as a reward for all of your colleagues.

Our event management team work hard to create a completely bespoke and unforgettable open air cinema experience. Including all of the elements and services you could possibly need to recreate that cinema feeling.


Outdoor Cinema Screen and Equipment

We are able to offer a wide variety of outdoor cinema screens and equipment to suit your event perfectly.

Whether you’re hosting a public outdoor cinema event or a private garden cinema event or a drive in cinema, we can tailor our packages to suit you.

What Size Screens Can We Offer?

We supply and install our open air cinema screens and our largest screen can cater to audiences of up to 500 and stands at 8m by 4m. Or for smaller audiences or spaces, our 4m by 2.5m screen is ideal.

Extra Information:

Together with our powerful 6,000 lumens projector, 6-kilowatt PA system, floodlighting and torches for your guest, we have all bases covered to give your guest a fantastic cinematic experience with our tried and tested Pop Up Cinema Hire service.

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Benefits of Booking an Open Air Cinema

The demand for outdoor events that can be socially distanced is becoming increasingly high.

Our Open Air Cinema Hire is entirely compliant with the COVID-19 guidelines.

Therefore, whether you’re looking to host a large-scale public event open air cinema, or a small and private outdoor cinema hire, we can set up everything to ensure social distancing and covid safety measures are in place.

Furthermore, our outdoor cinema hire is an excellent way to bring larger groups and communities together and create a memorable outdoor event experience.


Open Air Cinema Furniture and Prop Hire

Upgrade your guest’s event experience by offering comfortable and stylish furniture hire as well as props and decorations to create an immersive open air cinema experience.

Whether you’re creating a VIP section for premium public outdoor cinema events, or you’re looking to host a luxury open-air cinema at home. We have a large portfolio of furniture, props and event styling options to offer.

We can also offer lots of soft furnishing, including blankets, cushions, rugs and more to give your outdoor cinema screen event that comfortable and cosy feel.

From deck chairs to large sofas, festoon lights to fairy lights and candles. Our event managers will work with each client individually to ensure we create an open air cinema event that fits their style, budget and film screening.

Additionally, we have lots of props available to hire. Therefore, we can theme your outdoor cinema hire to match the films you are showing.

For example, having a harry potter marathon? We can provide floating candles, Hogwarts banners, wands and more. Or, alternatively, perhaps you’re hosting a horror movie night and want props to match. We have lots of horror film props to ensure your guests are feeling spooky.

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Outdoor Catering and Food Trucks

Food is an important element of any event, especially a trip to the cinema.

Therefore, we can offer lots of different catering options for your open air cinema. Some of these include:

  • Food trucks
  • Pizza ovens
  • Candy floss and popcorn machines
  • Pop up prosecco vans
  • Sweet Tables
  • Ice Cream vans and carts

All of these options can be offered on a private or commercial basis. Furthermore, depending on your event, we can offer these as a pre-paid option for your guests or where guests pay for their own items. This is a great option for public outdoor cinema hire for council-run events.


Pre and Post Open Air Cinema Entertainment

Whether you’re looking for a warm-up act to keep guests entertained until the film is shown. Or perhaps entertainment after the film to continue the fun. We’ve got lots to choose from.

Depending on the film you’re showing and the audience you are catering to, we can offer various different entertainment options.

For example, if you are looking at hosting a child-friendly event we can offer walkabout comedy jugglers, superheroes and princess characters as well as children’s magicians and pantomime style shows.

For adults, depending on your film theme, we can offer all kinds of walkabout entertainment including, horror movie characters, musicians and bands, outdoor fire shows, dancers and more

Additionally, we can offer both stage shows and walkabout entertainment for your event. Providing immersive and engaging entertainment to boost your open air cinema event experience.

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