Picture this: You’re sat outside with your favourite people, curled up on a deck chair and tucked up in blankets, sipping your favourite drink and eating your go-to cinema snacks.

With the promise of warmer days and an easing of restrictions, we are seeing an ever-rising trend in open air cinema hire. With so many services available and the ability to book public, corporate and private open air cinema events, outdoor cinemas have never been this accessible.

Last year, due to the many restrictions that came into play with covid 19, event organisers had to come up with creative ways of getting people together. Therefore, this started the trend and rise of the outdoor cinema. Fast forward to this year and we anticipate summer 2021 to be full of bigger and better outdoor cinema events.

2020 proved that outdoor cinema events weren’t just for summer. Unsurprising, we saw lots of outdoor cinema events offering social distancing and careful managing. However we also saw a lot more drive in and drive through cinema event experiences. Many of which carried through into autumn and winter.

The key to the success of these drive in cinema events was not just screening a popular film, but creating a whole event experience. Therefore we saw lots of walkabout entertainment as well as pre and post film entertainment.

Furthermore, at these events, guests have the opportunity to order food straight to your car. Drive around various sections which are filled and dressed with seasonal decorations and entertainers. As well as performers coming up to cars in intervals to engage and chat with guests.

Some of our favourite drive in cinema events of 2020 were:

We loved these open air cinema events as they provided a fully immersive event experience. Offering much more than just a spot to watch the film.

Another trend that we saw in 2020 that is continuing to grow is the private open air cinema option. With these events, clients not only hire the cinema equipment, but they also hire venue dressing food and more. If you do a search on Pinterest for outdoor private cinemas you can find beautifully set up events that are totally instagramable.

These events have been made popular by influencers such as Lydia Millen and Molly Mae. Furthermore, they are a brilliant way of celebrating special events such as birthdays, bridal showers and anniversaries safely and luxuriously.

Social media influencer Lydia Millen in her open air cinema she hired for a special event in her garden.

This trend is full of blankets, fairy lights, beautiful props and instagramable snacks and is something that we are able to offer. Basically the more instagramable and cosy it is, the better!

With so many outdoor cinemas popping up, we have certainly seen a rise in film trends and popular showings. These can be tailored to audience, event and season. Some of the most popular films we’ve shown over the last year include:

  • The Greatest Showman
  • Grease
  • Harry Potter 1-8
  • Dirty Dancing
  • The Goonies
  • Lion King
  • Moana
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Mamma Mia

We’ve found that the key to picking a great outdoor cinema film is picking something that has lots of singing, has that feel-good factor and caters for lots of different age ranges.

Furthermore, a great way of making your outdoor cinema event experience event more memorable is by theming the whole event. Imagine hosting a Greatest Showman open air cinema with circus props and festoon lights. As well as offering traditional circus food AND having circus performers walkabout and entertain guests pre and post-film. Or, alternatively, host a spooky horror film night where all of the staff dress up as zombies and to get to the screen you have to drive through a haunted maze.

By creating an immersive event experience you will leave your guests with brilliant memories of your event. Additionally, with so many different ways of theming, there are so many opportunities to get creative with your open air cinema event.

Open air cinema hire available to hire for outdoor corporate and private events

Booking An Outdoor Cinema Event

The key to running a successful outdoor cinema event (especially if creating a large scale or luxury event), is to book an event management team who can handle the whole event for you. From the cinema screen hire and equipment hire to the staffing and marshalling, catering, entertainment, prop and furniture hire, location finding and more.

When you book with an experienced event management team, you get the event of your dreams, run and managed smoothly. Furthermore, all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your movie! To find out more click here to chat with one of our event manager today

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