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Looking to book a Rock n’ Roll Band for your event?

Our Swing, Jive and Rock & Roll bands for hire are an eclectic mix of musicians and singers who will take you back to the height of the 1950’s with their amazing talent.

Our talented musicians have spent many years crafting and moulding their sound and image to fit one of the most iconic periods in musical history.

Rock & Roll has produced some of the biggest names in music history including; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Little Richard and much more. These artists set the music world on fire when they first started out and have since become icons for many musicians in today’s industry.

Swing and Jive music have long been a popular music genre that has produced the likes of; Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Count Basie and much more. These popular musical genres were responsible for kick-starting a new generation of music lovers. Our range of Swing, Jive and Rock & Roll musicians were some of those who were inspired and have since decided to emulate their heroes.

Our Merry Mini Big Band is a small group of musicians with a big sound, who love to get the crowd going at whatever event they are playing at.

vintage band for hire

These talented musicians and singers will perform an array of timeless classics in different styles that will not only keep you on the dance floor but also introduce to a new version of a familiar sound.

Swing music and Rock & Roll always creates an upbeat atmosphere that not only gets people going but then also continues the party all night long. Our energetic performers will create a fun-filled and exciting vibe for everyone to enjoy at your next event.

This wonderful range of versatile performers is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, gala dinners, award ceremonies and much more.

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