Virtual Team Building Singing Workshops

Our Virtual Team Building Singing Workshop is an uplifting, enjoyable activity that will get your guests working as a team.

Price From £350 +VAT


  • Duration: 45-60 minutes, however, can do shorter sessions on request
  • Attendees: 10-100
  • Session led by two expert facilitators
  • Improves wellbeing and confidence
  • No experience or skill required
  • Ability to request different songs to work on pre-event
  • The session is broken down into multiple sections including ice breakers, warm-ups and harmonising

In our virtual team building singing workshop, your team can enjoy an engaging, interactive participatory singing session that engages all staff, whether new to singing or experienced. The group will feel good, learn new skills, and create new connections, all in a fun, accessible and positive style.

Furthermore, our expert team of professional music leaders ease everyone into the idea of singing and encourage them to participate in an interactive way, leading to a fun, freeing and wellbeing-boosting experience for all.

Groups will feel uplifted, invigorated and ready to take on other challenges together.

Scroll down the page to see lesson plans and a breakdown of this activity.

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Virtual Team Building Singing Workshop schedule

The aim of this virtual workshop is to help loosen up your team, we do this through various activities.

Our virtual team building singing workshops can be tailored to your music preferences as well as focusing on certain areas. However, as a general guide, our workshops go a little something like this…

  • Online icebreakers, establishing a comfortable, energised atmosphere
  • Physical warm-ups to free up the body and introduce the basics for singing
  • Breathing exercises to enhance well-being and health, and support the voice
  • Simple group vocal and singing warm-ups to engage the voice using popular/well-known song ex-tracts
  • Learning a song in basic harmony

Through teaching the chosen song, we will create interaction, challenge the group, boost confidence, energise participants and develop skills


Will my group enjoy it?

Absolutely! We will ease them in, and we have lots of experience to engage any sceptics!

Will it be too hard

We often have clients say that they have no singing experience. However, sessions will be open and accessible to all and activities are simple yet incredibly satisfying! We use different ways to engage people and difficulty levels can be tailored to the group.

Will people be singled out?

No! We are all about group singing. If there was ever an opportunity to solo, we’d ask for any keen takers.

Do we need any equipment?

No, just computer and internet connection for all participants is needed


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“They were great to work with, full of passion and energy and put a smile on everyone’s faces that stayed there long after the session”
— James, Global Media Business 
“The facilitators were full of energy and had us shaking and hooting within the first five minutes. Their ultimate triumph was getting a group of surveyors to sing in four-part harmony within half an hour!”
— Rachael, Global Real Estate Company 

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