Our event manager Michael has had lots of experience in working in Saudi Arabia on large scale events. Most notably, Julia Charles Event Management was chosen to create, design, build and run The Horror Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Julia Charles Event Management has had lots of experience working internationally, with our sister company Julia Charles Global Events Agency based in the UAE. We are proud to have created events across the globe from Dubai to Venice and Saudi Arabia to Las Vegas.

There are many challenges and factors to consider when creating events abroad. We speak to our Event Manager Michael all about organising The Horror Festival and how we manage international events.

Global Logistics

This is one of the most important factors to consider when working internationally. Each country may have different restrictions or requirements. Therefore, it is very important that logistics are one of the first elements that you consider.

Additionally, each event and client is different. Therefore all of your logistics will need to cater for this.

An example of this was when working on Horror Festival we had to put contingencies in place to ship props and entertainment to Saudi Arabia last minute if the client decided that they wanted additional elements. This required lots of pre-planning and organisation to ensure we could meet our clients last minute requests.

As an event management company working globally it is very important to anticipate your client’s needs.

Tips for Global Event Management

  • Make sure you always consider the country the event is taking place in. Are there any cultural or religious factors that should be considered to determine what may or may not be appropriate in that country.
  • Do you need a translator? Communication is integral to creating an exceptional event. Therefore don’t let the brief get lost in translation.
  • What are the time constraints? Work from the end of the event backwards. This will help you ensure that you have all elements planned in with plenty of time to spare.
  • Source local. If possible we find that a lot of international clients really support us sourcing suppliers locally. Not only does it put money into the local economy. Additionally, it will save money on lots of potentially high transportation costs.
  • Consider where attendees may be coming from. If they are also international you could propose turning the event into a Hybrid event.

Event Management in KSA

Vision 2030 is really paving the way for creative, large scale events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2019 Joy Forum took place in Riyadh to showcase to the world what Saudi Arabia has to offer in the Tourism and Leisure industry.

Naturally this included lots of plans for giant events, encouraging not just locals but visitors from across the globe to experience Saudi Arabia.

As an Event Management Company, we have been working closely with clients in the Kingdom to come up with exciting and jaw-dropping events, showing off what Saudi Arabia can offer to the global events industry.

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