Christmas Displays available for hire

Here at Julia Charles, we provide Christmas Displays and Tree setups for an extra magical Holiday Season!

When we think about High-end Christmas decorations, the first thing that comes to mind are luxuriously decorated Christmas Trees.

But, does the decoration effort stop there? We personally believe that creating a fully realised scene to enhance the tree’s surroundings is key to offering a wonderful setting for your and your guests to enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with decorating your living room or hotel’s reception area with one single designer tree. However, it sometimes can look a little nude if that is the only Christmassy aspect of the room’s decoration.

Also, it is never a bad idea to offer your guests and customers a wonderfully decorated area for them to take pictures by to create unforgettable memories of your Christmas Event!

For that reason, we always make sure to offer our clients that are after a Christmas Tree, a full decoration plan that can include Christmas Displays and Setups to match their Christmas Event Theme and their Trees.

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Christmas Tree setups and branding


The best part of our luxury Christmas displays is that they can fit your brand and aesthetic!

As Event Theming experts, we can design our Christmas sets to include any idea or concept that you might have for your venue or event. And that includes your company’s branding, whether we are speaking of simply the colours, all the way to the logo.

For example, when we dressed the Hippodrome Casino for Christmas, a few years ago, we were able to fuse a Vegas Theme with their branding into a ‘Vegas at Christmas’ theme. We created bespoke dice and chip decorations, especially for their venue.

Also, as you can see on the left image, we were able to incorporate their company logo in their main hall’s Christmas Tree, in a high-end fully rendered Christmas Displays for all their guests to admire and take photos by.

Whatever your vision or concept is, all you have to do is get in touch with us and we will create a full decoration plan for you as well as setting it up. Also, if necessary, we can manage your Event from beginning to end!

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From Corporate Office Events to Private House Parties, we can cover any venue or Event Theme.

Our Christmas Decorations and Seasonal Setups are truly versatile. They come in all sizes and styles, being able to suit from the most luxurious event to the coziest Christmas Traditional Party. Some of the venues and events that we can cover are:

Are you looking for a Christmas Display for your Party or venue? Make sure to get in touch to know our available options!

Naval Themed Orqnge Christmas Tree

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