So you’d like to host an event but don’t know where to start? As a leading Event Management Company based close to London we’ve got all of the tips and tricks you need to plan a killer event. Whether it’s Virtual, Hybrid or Live!

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Outline budget and expectations

The very first thing you need to think about is how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve from your event. Is it a Private birthday party or is it a product launch? As an event management company, this allows us to understand what we can achieve.

Furthermore, by working this out straight away you can successfully put a plan in place to ensure that you know what you want. Additionally, by knowing your budget you can then start prioritising costs and allocating funds to the most important parts of your event.

Calculator, pen and budget lists used by event manager London to plan out event costing

Turn your list into an action plan

So you’ve got a list of things you need to organise from venue finding, catering, decorations and entertainment. Now, you need to create an action plan. You have already established a budget which is a great first step, however you now need to allocate out that budget.

Create a list with your priority tasks that may be time sensitive as a first priority. If you need to hire a venue we’d suggest you put this as a number one priority as without that you’ve got no event. Check out our free venue finding service if you need help sourcing a venue.

After establishing your list and your priorities start contacting relevant suppliers and building your event. A great way of working through this is by putting all of your suppliers and expected costs on a spread sheet and allocating budget estimates to these. Once you’ve contacted the supplier or bought the product you can then track the real cost to help keep you on budget.

Bulletin board showing various post it notes used as prompts for action plan of organising an event

Invite your guests!

Deciding your budget is an important step to have in place BEFORE you start inviting your guests. You need to understand from your suppliers cost per-head before inviting people and then realising you’ve over reached your budget.

Depending on your event, it may make no difference if you were to invite 50 or 100 guests but you need to make sure you know all of your facts before you send out the guest list.

Now that’s all sorted lets get down to the fun task. Your invitation is your guest’s first impression of your event. What do you want them to think? How are you going to compel them to attend? Our Graphics team have worked on so many cool concepts from video invitations to festival lanyards and wrist bands to beautiful bespoke designed tradition invitations.

Festival lanyard used as an invitation for a big corporate event organised by our event management team London

Final meeting and run through

So you’ve ticked off all of your tasks on your action plan, sent out the invitations and (hopefully) received all your RSVPs. Now you want to have a final run through of how your event will play out.

This will help you understand how much time you may need to allocate for everything. How long will the venue dressing take? Timings of where and when you want your guests to be in certain spaces (have you booked a perform and need to get your guests moved into the courtyard?). What time your guests will be fed, and any other things that will need time planning on the day.

Additionally, if you have booked suppliers to help organise the event it is great to have a final meeting with them to go through any questions you both may have and any final payments that may need sorting.

Our events team setting up the conference stage inside the DoubleTree Hilton Venue space in Milton Keynes.

Day of the event

Wake up early and have a plan in place. Events can be stressful if you haven’t planned out what you may need to do on the day. Have your phone on loud just in case you have guests or suppliers that have any last-minute questions.

Remember this is your event, therefore allocate time out for you to get ready, you want to look your best at your own event! Make sure that you’ve got a friend or colleague on hand to help if there are any issues that take place at your event.

Guests enjoying event organised by event management company

And most importantly don’t forget to enjoy it!

However, if this all sounds like a lot and you’d like to plan an event without the hassle of having to organise and coordinate everything, make sure to get in touch. Our Event Management Company London would love to help, whatever the event!

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