There is an ever-increasing need for virtual events and the ability to host online. However, live and in-person events still have their place within the events industry. Hybrid Events combine both virtual and live elements to create an event that benefits from both event types.

So what is a Hybrid Event?

A Hybrid event is any event that includes both live and virtual content. So any event that has a virtual participation element would be classed as a Hybrid event.

This could be anything from a meeting taking place that includes live participation on social channels such as Twitter. To a product launch that live-streams online, showcasing the launch simultaneously.

What are the benefits of booking a Hybrid Event?

There are lots of ways that companies can really benefit by hosting a Hybrid event.

Firstly you will save money. By booking a Hybrid event you are minimising all your costing for physical attendance. Therefore you will not be paying for extra venue space, catering or travel expenses.

Because the Hybrid events involve a large portion of your attendees tuning in online you will also reduce carbon footprint for both your company and your attendees. With the ever-growing concern for companies hosting sustainable and eco-friendly events, this is an excellent way for your company to showcase its environmental awareness.

Not to mention that by hosting a Hybrid event you are highlighting the fact that your company is at the for-front of innovative thinking. This is because it shows your aware of on-trend and upcoming technological innovations.

What potential challenges may you need to consider?

Unfortunately, Hybrid events are not quite as simple as setting a live stream up on social media and pressing play.

Depending on your audience it is really important to consider 1- how they will interact with your content, and 2- how you come across to your end users.

For example, if you are hosting a Hybrid conference you want to ensure that your video content is slick and well produced. Additionally, it is imperative that the interactive element looks professional and works!

This is where booking a company to host your platform and live stream for you is really helpful. It ensures that your virtual participants don’t feel like they are an afterthought. Additionally, it will increase their engagement and enjoyment of the event.

However if, for example, you’re broadcasting a simultaneous product launch across social platforms. You also want to ensure your content is compelling and interesting.

The average consumer spends milli-seconds looking at social posts before they move onto the next post. Therefore, you need to ensure that your content is not only eye-catching. But also engaging and will keep your audience sticking around.

Again this is where an events company can help produce great and high-quality content!

What events can you make Hybrid?

There are endless, innovative ways you can include Hybrid technology into many events.

You will find that many companies use Hybrid technology in a more casual capacity for showcasing certain events across social platforms. For example bookshops who have a guest author in and give physical and virtual attendees the opportunity to ask questions.

However many businesses and corporate clients are using hybrid tehnology to host events that previously had taken months of planning and logistics. These events include Conferencing, Workshops, Award Ceremonies, Seminars, Training and Brand Activations.

How about our Virtual Christmas Parties?

Whether you’re looking for a slick live stream production with multiple different factors such as guest speakers and curated video content. Or if you are looking for a different way to increase your social presence and brand awareness online. Hybrid events are an excellent way of achieving this!

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