It takes more than good clothes to create a successful fashion show event. There are loads of factors to consider when organising your fashion show event production.

The Fashion industry oozes creativity, with its focus on forward-thinking and aesthetically pleasing design. Therefore when creating a fashion show event there are lots of ways you can apply this creativity to your event!

Monarch fashion show event we produce using our fashion show event production services. Two female models showcasing new pilot uniform down catwalk.

Perfect The Details

The point of your fashion show event is to showcase your designs or products to the world, getting them ready to successfully bring to market. Therefore, you must consider all the finer details of your event.

Think about what theme you want, do you want to focus on a company ethos? Or perhaps a USP of the product? Consider details such as invitations, colour scheming, graphics and even catering. By ensuring these elements have a consistent theme to them it will ensure your event works well as a production.

Fashion Show event set design and build event drawings to show the client the concept.

The Venue

However you choose to display your latest collection, the venue plays an essential part in setting the scene. It sets the tone for the whole event so you must consider, where it will be, how big you need it to be and how you’ll dress it.

Using factors such as Prop Hire, Set design and build and Stage installation you can transform any venue into a brilliant space to host a fashion show event.

The Waldorf Hotel, London. Venue space for fashion show event

The Models and Staff

Selecting the right kinds of models for your fashion show event is important, if you’ve got a theme, do your models match this? There have been brilliant examples of how designers and shows such as Rhiana’s Savage X Fenty fashion show (where she explored diversity within models) have used models to reinforce designer ethos.

Although models are an integral part of the fashion show event it is also important to consider other staffing. You may want to consider a backstage manager, runners, makeup artists, serving staff and more. By hiring staff you are hiring seasoned professionals who are experts at these kinds of events.

To Launch this fashion brands new clothing line we came up with a whole campaign concept. We supplied videographers, photographers, models and this giant bubble.

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Your guest list is important when considering a fashion show event. You want to ensure you’ve created a successful and lucrative show, therefore by inviting the right guests you can ensure the right clientele start talking about your event.

By inviting industry experts as well as Micro and Macro influencers you’ll be able to build publicity around your fashion show event. By researching the right influencer and industry buffs you’ll open up a whole market of opportunity.

Provide goody bags to make your guest feel extra special. You can use these as a tool to advertise any sponsors for the show or as a reminder to your guests of the amazing event they have just attended.

Monarch goody bags supplied to all guests who attended the Monarch Airlines fashion show event we organised

Get Virtual

Your fashion show event guest list doesn’t have to be limited by your venue capacity. By live streaming or webcasting your event, you’ll open up your reach to potentially thousands more people!

Hire a whole production team to create slick, well thought out and high quality content to impress a whole online community. Therefore creating more brand awareness and potentially more revenue

Staging ,Lighting and AV were really important for this fashion show event production we created for Monarch airlines

Continue The Celebrations

The event doesn’t have to end after the show. Continue the celebrations with an after-party, showcasing your brand and company in a more informal and fun way.

You can continue with the fashion show event theme by ensuring your catering and any entertainment compliment the show. This is also a great opportunity to mingle with guests, gage their responses and continue building your brand rapport.

Fashion Show event after party we hosted with bar and venue space. Guests mingling after fashion show

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