Ever thought about booking a virtual murder mystery party but unsure how it works? In this blog we’ll talk to you all about the virtual murder mystery party format, how we run it, as well as discussing what theming options you can choose.

With remote working becoming the new normal, it is imperative for these teams to connect and bond over shared experiences and fun activities. Therefore, we have seen a significant rise in demand for different kinds of virtual team building events. Furthermore, due to its ability to engage a whole team as well as improving on critical team working skills, our virtual murder mystery parties have become one of our most popular team building activities.

We have a fail-safe formula for running excellent virtual murder mystery parties meaning that they are always successful and achieve their intended goals.

What Is A Virtual Murder Mystery Party?

The best way to imagine what our virtual murder mystery parties are like is to think of classic murder mystery stories. We’re talking about Agatha Christie, Cluedo and Murder On The Orient Express.

Each guest will be sent out their own ‘murder pack’ including a personalised plotline, a video or audio message from one of the characters in the event, their own personalised plot and character information, a virtual backdrop and a Zoom/ Teams invite.

The guests are encouraged to get as fully into their character as they’d like. We definitely encourage dressing up, however, this is not mandatory. Additionally, all of your guests won’t be required to bring any props or special equipment to the virtual event.

Our energetic trained actors will know the plot and different characters and are therefore able to guide the whole event. Providing a lively, fun and energetic feeling to the virtual murder mystery games.

Furthermore, each of our scripts and storylines is carefully crafted. Ensuring that the virtual event is full of twists and turns and keeps your remote team engaged. We’ll also include some comedy, with jokes and one-liners aimed to get your team laughing and having fun.

Virtual murder mystery event entertainment booked for virtual team building exercise

Murder Mystery Game Formats

We have come up with a range of different packages and formats suitable for all group sizes and budgets.

The Standard– This is our ready to go bookable format. Every member of your remote team will be involved in working out the two murders. Your guest will see the murders take place ‘live’ helping them work out who might have done it. The more confident guests will have the chance to speak (no need to learn lines). Our standard virtual murder mystery game is ideal for groups from 8-100. We also offer the option of dividing the group into teams prior to the event.

The Premier– This option includes the above, as well as allowing you to add extra guests to play more characters.

Premier Plus– Every attendee is allocated their own character and persona to take on and they will be sent all of this information prior to the event. The event will also be completely adapted for the number of guests you have attending. Furthermore, we can also add in personal information to the script such as an attendees birthday or big celebration as well as names and characters.

Actor Only– Your guests won’t play any roles, however, your guests will still be able to join in and watch along as our trained actors take you along on this virtual murder mystery experience.

Choose Your Own– In this option the audience is fully in control of the storyline. Guests will interact through their smartphones or Zoom chat function deciding what rooms the actors will enter and how the storyline progresses. This is an excellent option for large remote team events. There is a minimum of 4 actors required for this event and this virtual murder mystery game can cater to up to 500 attendees.

Benefits Of Booking Your Virtual Murder Mystery Party With Us

By booking through our event managers you can rest assured that you’re booking with event professionals who know what they’re doing. We have now run 100s of virtual murder mystery parties and we are confident that we’ve got the formula for success.

Some of the benefits of booking with us include:

  • Well run and managed event
  • Trained actors leading your call
  • Bespoke and personalised backgrounds available
  • Tried and tested plots and scripts available
  • Options to add additional actors
  • Each member assigned a character and charter name
  • Setting up and overseeing the Zoom call
  • Ability to add in additional virtual experiences
  • Add hampers and treat boxes
  • Lots of plots and storylines to choose from

Furthermore, we have a large selection of different storylines and plots available as well as the option ‘choose your own’ storyline. This option allows guests to choose exactly how the murder unfolds.

Online Virtual Murder Mystery Experience available to book for Private Clients and Businesses looking for entertainment whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

Murder Mystery Party Themes

We have an extensive catalogue of different themes available, suitable for all teams, interests and event types. Each of these virtual murder mystery themes has been carefully planned and scripted and includes lots of different character roles that your remote team can take on.

Murder At The Manor House

Inspired by Downton Abbey, this virtual murder mystery has a real Cluedo feel about it. You are invited to the Lord and Ladies manor to partake in a bid on some famous family jewels. However, suddenly the Lord turns up dead. With many potential suspects, from the missing gardener to the suspicious maid you must work out who murdered the Lord, how they did it and what their motive was.

1920’s Death On The Maiden Voyage

The excitement is high, you have been invited as a guest of honour for the maiden voyage of a very special ship in this 1920s virtual murder mystery. However, it soon becomes clear that this trip is not smooth sailing and there’s trouble afoot. The famous guest cabaret artist has been murdered and the murderer is still on the ship. Will there be other victims? You must all work out who the murderer is before they have a chance to kill again. Who can you trust and who might be lying?

James Bond: Licence to Thrill

This spy-themed adventure escape room is great for the classic Bond lovers. Some incredibly expensive diamonds have gone ‘missing’ and then a murder takes place that seems to be linked to the missing diamonds. Bond needs to solve the murder before someone is wrongfully accused. Can you help him uncover what has happened?

The Wild Wild West

Get ready to put your cowboy hat on with this virtual murder mystery party. You have been invited by the local saloon owner to attend the highly anticipated 50th-anniversary gold rush rodeo show. However, the talk of the town is that a highly dangerous and notoriously merciless outlaw has escaped from prison. Rumour has it he’s got revenge on his mind and the person he wants revenge on is attending the rodeo. Before you know it shots are fired and there’s a murder. However, who’s done it? Is it the notorious outlaw or someone else?

Revenge On The Red Carpet

You’re attending an awards ceremony to die for. Literally. You shine and dazzle on the red carpet, however, rumours soon circulate that a famous guest has disappeared when trying to get through security. Soon after, once everyone has entered the theatre it is announced that a murder has taken place. Who’s keeping secrets and who’s telling lies? It is up to you and your team to decide, in this virtual murder mystery party.

1920s Hollywood

It’s the era of Gangsters and Dolls and you’ve just received an invite to one of the most exclusive and secretive speakeasies in LA. All details are on a need to know basis and you’re sure to meet the shining stars of Hollywood. There’s a lot of mystery, anticipation and excitement around the event. However, with all of the glitz and glam comes the danger of some of the most notorious gangsters in LA being in attendance, and there might be someone keeping a very close eye on you. Will you make it through the night?

Ah Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive?

We’re talking disco baby. Dust off your flares and get ready to boogie. Disco is sweeping the nation and everyone is gripped with boogieing. However, under the glare of the shining disco ball, something sinister is about to take place. There’s been a murder on the dance floor and we’re not talking about the song! Can you uncover the culprit?

Book our Virtual Murder Mystery Interactive Game for your Zoom Call entertainment whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

Themed Virtual Murder Mystery Games

We also offer lots of exciting and fun themes for our virtual murder mystery games. These can be seasonal as well as based on popular culture or trending film or TV shows. Some of our most popular themes include:

  • Peaky Blinders
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Ancient Eygpt
  • Christmas
  • Pantomime
  • Great Gatsby
  • James Bond
  • Shakespeare

Furthermore, we work hard to supply virtual murder mystery games that suit your theme so get in touch to find out how we can tailor our games to your theme.

Murder Mystery Event Experiences

The beauty of booking through an event management company like us is we can take care of every detail. Furthermore, we can also arrange multiple other elements that you may want to consider. For example, if you’re booking our virtual murder mystery game as part of an energiser activity between virtual meetings or conferences we can also provide virtual conferencing services.

Our Murder Mystery Options:

  1. Murder Mystery Party
  2. Team Building Murder Mystery
  3. Alice In Wonderland Murder Mystery
  4. Christmas Murder Mystery

Additionally, if you’re looking to create a full-day virtual event we have a whole host of other virtual experiences we could combine our virtual murder mystery game with to create a bespoke virtual party.

Not to mention that if you’re keen to host a themed virtual murder mystery game and want guests to have certain props or event decorations around them we can provide this as well.

Virtual Murder Mystery Party Add-Ons:

  • Cocktail Kits sent directly to participants
  • Gift Baskets
  • Food and Drink Kits
  • Additional Virtual Entertainment
  • Virtual Party Host
  • and plenty more

Due to the fact that Julia Charles Event Management is a full turnkey solution event agency, we pride ourselves on creating and running all kinds of events. Offering every service our client needs.

Get in touch with our team today if you’d like to find out more.

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