It’s now 2020, making the 1920s era 100 years ago! As a result, the famous Great Gatsby Theme is making a glorious comeback through events and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

As people start to search for more and more creative ways to theme their parties and functions, the 1920s Great Gatsby / Prohibition theme has stolen the show, due to its refined dressing, jazzy parties and of course, the mind-bending dance moves.

With this in mind, we have put together a shortlist of what makes Great Gatsby themed events so exciting and popular.

Decor & Venue Dressing

To start this list off strong, we will take a look at the different options of decor you can choose from when planning a Great Gatsby / 1920s themed event.

As you are covering something as wide as a decade, you are able to take your event in so many different directions that will have a completely unique atmosphere. For example:

Prohibition Theming

As a huge part of the 1920s, the concept of prohibition is an excellent way to add some exciting twists to your event by converting your venue or event space into a speakeasy bar!

You can use a wide range of simple props and decorations to convert any room into an authentic “booze bar”, such as Vintage signposts, 1920s vintage furniture, large whiskey barrels, themed bar staff and a selection of 1920s era Jazz music.

Great Gatsby Gala Banquets

If you have seen the very popular movie “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, you already know exactly what we’re talking about, but if not, then here it is.

In The Great Gatsby movie, millionaire Jay Gatsby hosts one of the most breathtaking gala events you have ever seen and it is packed with classic 1920s decor and style.

Gleneagles 1920s Gala Dinner event design.

By combining some of these features together, you can create an identical experience. Some of the options you can pick from are large pillar props, luscious wall draping, antique furniture, large feather displays, antique bars and more.

Roaring 20s Theme

Although the above themes are spectacular ways to impress and amaze guests, you might not need to be so specific with your theme and simply keep it themed on the era in general.

By having your guests attend in themed costumes and adding a range of different era themed props and decorations, you are able to give your guest the sensation that they have travelled back in time and been dropped in the middle of a roaring party!

By using things such as Gangster props, 1920s style wall displays, feathered table centrepieces, themed entertainment and other features, you can show your guests exactly what the 1920s was like.

TOP TIP: As speakeasies were operated in secret to avoid being shut down by the law, attendees were required to provide a secret password at the door. A fun way to enhance the experience at your event is to feature a secret password on your invitations for your guests to whisper upon entry!

Themed Entertainment

Glamorous foot juggler as part of entertainment hire for Peaky Blinders Themed Event

As well as using the perfect decor and props at your event, you should always add some talented performers to either walk around and interact with your guests or to blow them away in a stage performance. Here are some of the entertainment options that we feel are perfect for Great Gatsby/1920’s themed events. 

1920’s Singers

You can dance the night away as our 1920’s style music trio performs some of the most iconic songs of that time period. 

I addition to being fantastic singers, these performers come in complete themed costuming, which makes them an excellent addition to the theme of the event space

Gangster Mimes

Walking around your venue, sporting weapons, cigars and dressed in classic gangster attire, our gangster performers are an excellent addition to a 1920’s themed event for photos, guest interaction and more. 

As well as looking the part, these talented performers also take on a hilarious gangster persona that will crack a smile on any guests face.

Flapper Dancers

Another iconic symbol of the 1920’s, our flapper dancers are a fun and exciting way to show your guests a great time!

Flapper girl entertainment available to hire UK. Bespoke entertainment package for Great Gatsby Event.

Performing on stage or down on the dance floor, our flapper dancers are a high speed, breathtaking group that will send your night flying through time.

Thank you for taking the time to read our top ideas for hosting Great Gatsby themed events. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, then please feel free to browse our other featured blogs.

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