When theming an event, be it a prom, conference, party or product launch, you should always strive to create a unique experience that will leave your guests talking about your event for months.

As a part of our themed event service, we offer an impressive variety of ocean themes such as “Under The Sea“, Seaside, Baywatch, Nautical and plenty more.

In this post, we will share some theming ideas for ocean & aquatic-themed events. We will offer you inspiration for nautical entertainment, venue theming, venue decorations and other helpful event planning ideas.

What Themes Can I Choose For A Beach Party?

When choosing the right style of ocean theme for your event, you first need to know what some of your options are. Here are some of the different themes you could consider.

  • Under the sea
  • Seaside 
  • Baywatch 
  • Sea Creature
  • Beach Party
  • Pirate Theme
  • Tropical Island 
  • British Seaside

These are just some of the options you could choose. Now that you have an idea of what kind of themes you could use, you can begin to create one!

Seaside Theme

A popular way to theme a party or event (and a personal favourite of mine) is the seaside theme.

There is something about the memory of sitting in the sands of the British coast, eating a 99p ice-cream after a long day of playing 2p slots at the arcade that bring back happy feelings.

Bespoke anchor table decoration used for an aquatic themed gala dinner.

In this theme, you can incorporate everything that makes the seaside special to you.

Creating The Seaside Theme:

  1. Ice cream trucks
  2. Penny slot machines
  3. Grabber machines
  4. a large indoor sandpit
  5. A water ‘Wordfall’ feature that spells seaside themed words 
  6. Mermaid characters 
  7. Caricaturists 
  8. Sunbed seating and tables (including sun umbrellas of course)
  9. A blue LED bar with an ocean-themed cocktail menu
  10. Sea creature props
  11. Hot sugar doughnut vendors 
  12. Tropic House DJ’s
  13. Blue and green venue dressing

I will have to stop there, or this could just keep going! As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You could feature all of the above and more!

Under the Sea Themed Events

Another extremely popular direction to go in when theming an event is “Under the Sea”. This theme has been popular throughout the decades in proms and galas and has continued to delight guests even today.

Sailor Prop used for an "Under The Sea" themed event.

As you can imagine, an “Under The Sea” theme can incorporate Sea life props, seaweed decorations, coral reefs, walkabout animal entertainers and many other amazing features.

Creating The “Under The Sea” Theme:

  • Ocean Style Audio & Visual displays 
  • Blue lighting & venue decorations 
  • Reef displays & Water features
  • Walkabout sea creatures 
  • Large fish tank hire
  • LED furniture 
  • Coloured draping
  • Themed props


One of the most important parts of any themed event is the entertainment. This can be something as simple as a punch and Judy show or something as detailed as an ocean theme 3D projection show

Here are some of the performers we feel you should consider:

Aquatic Swimming Show

 This is one of our most popular aquatic-themed shows and you can see why. Using nothing but a large tank of water and her many years of experience, our aquatic swimmer creates an outstanding experience for your guests that will blow them away.

Available for indoor and outdoor events, this show is perfect for your next ocean and aquatic-themed event.

The Deep Sea Divers

If you were really at the bottom of the sea, who would you expect to be there? Deep-sea divers of course!

By using these walkabout characters at your event, you can tie together the overall theme of “Under the Sea”!

Walkabout Cow Seal

Another friendly face to have at your sea themed event would be our walkabout cow seal! This happy creature is an excellent addition to events for pictures, children’s entertainment or to enhance the scenery.

This character can fit perfectly into wedding events, themed conferences, themed exhibitions, themed parties and plenty more.

Thank you for reading out themed event ideas: Beach Parties blog. I hope this has given you some useful ideas for your event!

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