Does anyone else feel like Summer 2022 is going to be the best Summer yet? With so many plans cancelled and reduced after the last couple of years, it feels like everyone is invested in having the best Summer, and that includes hosting some of the very best Summer parties with fantastic party themes.

As world-leading event planners we know a thing or two about how to host the very best themed parties. Therefore, we’ve got some amazing party themes to help you host the best Summer 2022 party.

Whether you’re looking at hosting a full-blown corporate party or a private party event, check out this article and get inspired by the different party themes we have on offer.

Why Theme Your Summer Party

You want your Summer party to be memorable and create an impact. Therefore, by incorporating a theme into your Summer 2022 party you’ll be sure to leave your guests with some great memories of your event.

Below are a few reasons why we think you should theme your Summer 2022 party or event:

  • Creates a consistent and visually inspiring event space
  • Encourages your guests to really get involved in the party
  • Great for photo opportunities
  • Creates unique and memorable experiences
  • Guests are more likely to post on social media

Theming is our passion and creating cohesive, inspiring and immersive event themes is the thing we do best. Working with clients on an individual basis we are able to come up with a theme that suits their Summer party event perfectly.

If you’re looking to be inspired by some amazing party themes for Summer 2022, check out our top picks below:

Our Top Party Themes For Summer 2022

Below we have hand-selected some of our favourite themes and the themes we think will elevate your Summer party 2022.

White Party Themes

Nothing says Summer more than a white party. Think chilled Ibiza vibes with plenty of seating, lots of floral touches a DJ to set the tone and delicious Summer drinks on tap.

Many of our private clients love using this theme for Summer parties, bridal parties and birthday events. Our corporate clients love using this theme for relaxed Summer events.

Invite guests to wear white and incorporate delicious food and drink that incorporates your white theme.

All white Summer party themes including outdoor seating, lighting and white accessories.

Festival Party Themes

Nothing says Summer more than a Festival themed party and we think this is a great party theme for Summer 2022.

We love this theme as there are so many creative ways you can incorporate ‘festival’ into your event. For example, you could be inspired by internationally renowned festivals like Glastonbury, Coachella and Boomtown. Or alternatively, you could get inspired by Woodstock and the famous performances people will never forget.

Using tents, staging, lighting and AV, as well as some amazing props and event design and dressing, we can create a festival themed event in all kinds of venue spaces.

Festival Summer party themes 2022 including festival tents, stage builds, festival decorations and entertainment.

Tokyo Party Themes

If you’re looking for an underground Summer party theme that radiates cool then our Tokyo theme is for you.

Drawing inspiration from the Neo Tokyo aesthetic, as well as incorporating more traditional aspects of Japanese culture, this is a great alternative Summer 2022 party theme.

Neo Tokyo Summer Party themes incorporating underground signage, blossom trees, waterfall props and more.

Alice In Wonderland Party Themes

Fall down the rabbit hole and meet the mad hatter at your Summer party 2022 with our Alice in Wonderland theme.

This is a fantastic party theme for Summer events as we can incorporate lots of outdoor styling that reflects the story. From creating a mad hatters tea party to a croquet lawn surrounded by red rose bushes. Whether you’re taking inspiration from the original animated Disney classic or perhaps the slightly twisted re-make. Alice in wonderland themes are an excellent way of elevating your Summer party for 2022.

Alice in Wonderland Summer Party themes including this way that way signage, topiary rabbits, mad hatters tea party and more.

Jungle Party Themes

Make the most of your outdoor space by adding a jungle theme to your themed party. Using lots of foliage, giant tree props, vines and even animal props, we can create a jungle themed party space for your Summer party.

Jungle summer party themes including animal props, vines, tree props and jungle greenery.

Sporting Party Themes

Summer is a time for sporting events, whether you’re into Tennis, Golf, Cricket or Football, there are lots of ways we can incorporate sporting themes into your Summer 2022 party theme.

One example of this is throwing a Wimbledon themed party, incorporating a tennis pitch, strawberries and cream and lots of outdoor seating. Or perhaps a Euros party celebrating all things football with football theming, football entertainment and more.

Sporting Summer party themes including football theming and activations, Wimbledon theming and much more.
Sporting Summer party themes including football theming and activations, Wimbledon theming and much more.

Things To Consider When Booking a Themed Party

If you are booking a themed event through an events agency like us, the team will be able to guide you on everything you need and what will work best for your specific themed party. However if you are doing a DIY themed party for Summer 2022, here are some top tips:

  • Venue- Understand the capacity, layout and any additional charges
  • Guest List- Know who is attending and ensure you know the final numbers
  • Decor- Choose decorations that create maximum impact
  • Catering- Look at incorporating your theme into your catering for consistency
  • Entertainment- Consider booking themed entertainment to compliment your theme

Alternatively, if you’d rather avoid the DIY approach, get in touch with our team. We can design, install and manage the perfect party theme for your event.

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