To help ease the pressure and stress of Covid-19 we have created 2 separate email templates that any suppliers can use in order to help with client enquiries.

Template 1


Over the course of the last 2 months, we have been holding and attending round table discussions with clients, suppliers and industry experts. From this, we have formed a consensus. It is of the understanding that when we get through the turbulence of COVID-19 we will see a massive increase in bookings. From Hotels, venue hire, entertainment and production to travel, delegate management and many other events services.

The concern for this is that prices will inevitably be boosted to above-average rates to account for the shortfall of COVID-19. Although this may be needed to help our industry which contributes over £43b annually to the economy. We understand this does not help you the client who is looking to hold events or book event services.

To mitigate this we are reaching out to our clients to inform them that we have reduced our deposit amount to confirm events from 50 to 25% of the event/booking fee. This will hopefully encourage you, our client to book early and take full advantage of the potential reduced rates the industry as a whole is offering as we speak.

If you have any instances where you have had to cancel or postpone events and would like to look in to booking them for June or July onwards, then do get in touch.

Thank you 

Template 2


Like every other business, we have reviewed our current position in light of the continuing Covid-19 situation.

Over the last 6 months, we have been working on an off-premises (cloud) based management plan. This has enabled us over this period to become more agile and offer our clients a more robust and resilient service. We have prepared for many eventualities and the sort of widespread disruption we are seeing right now is not something we ever expected to see but was built into our planning quite some time ago.

Business as usual although with some minor changes.

We have asked our staff to work from home until further notice. This is something we have been doing from time to time over the last few months to test if this can work

Finally, we know these are difficult times and we’ll be there to advise and assist where at all possible.

We hope that this offers, you, our suppliers some assistance in dealing with the ever-changing events of Covid-19. If you would like any more guidance visit our dedicated Suppliers and Client page or check out our Blog and press page

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