So, why do you need an Online Motivational Speaker in your next Zoom Call with your team? 

Well, so far, this year has been strange, to say the least. Most of us have been forced to spend entire days and weeks confined inside of our homes. As comfy and relaxing as this might sound, this confinement has also brought some mental challenges with it.

Some of your colleagues might be suffering with some motivation issues related to working from home (if you are not one of the sufferers!) and you have already done a few morale-boosting online meetings and Virtual Events to sort this issue. Now, regardless of how successful you might have been in these attempts, have you ever tried bringing a professional Motivational Speaker to your online meeting?

If you haven’t and you are thinking about it, we have good news for you: we have some of the best Keynote and Business Speakers available to turn your next virtual meeting onto a party!

Jason O’Callaghan, psychology Virtual  Motivational Speaker

Jason O’Callaghan is an award-winning psychologist, published author and producer, journalist, professional entertainer, and master of ceremonies. He has given talks to impressive companies such as Core Media and Future Finance and will.

With Jason’s incredible skills as a psychologist, motivational speaker, and mentalist, he will make sure to boost your team’s morale whilst putting on an all-rounded show!

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Event and Zoom Keynote Speaker Lady Michelle Mone Obe

Lady Michelle has been recently voted number 1 female speaker in the UK, being one of the most influential ladies and a successful entrepreneur.

Some of Lady Michelle’s main areas of focus as a motivational speaker are business success, entrepreneurship, motivation, leadership and female empowerment. Her work/life balance speeches can be an incredible help to your coworkers during these trying times. 

Motivational and women empowerment keynote speaker for virtual parties

Ewan Denny, multidisciplinary keynote speaker for virtual parties

Ewan Denny is a charismatic motivational speaker that can truly turn your online event into an incredible experience.

Being an experienced toastmaster and master of ceremonies, he has got years of experience speaking at events. Being also a professional business consultant and marketing strategist, Ewan can successfully convey fun and company strategy onto his highly engaging talks.

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Michael Brown, Crisis Management Online Motivational Speaker

Michael Brown is the former US Secretary of Homeland Security. As such, he has got a huge wealth of experience in disaster recovery planning, crisis management, security and resilience. He is also a published author and is currently a talk radio host, being very experienced in talking to groups of people.

During our current unsettling times, he is the perfect online Motivational Speaker to motivate your guests and colleagues during your next virtual event or zoom conference. 

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