The Marketing of any Brand, Product or Service is crucial to its success, no matter how established the brand is.

We can’t express how important it is for clients who are putting on a marketing event, such as a Brand Exhibition Event or Product Launch Event, to make it as exciting as possible and draw in as many eyes as possible. While of course reflecting their brand image and what they stand for.

You need people to be drawn into your Brand and feel excited, interested (or whatever you may desire) when they see your Brand.

That’s where our bespoke Brand Entertainment comes into play. Over the years we have built up a huge catalogue of customisable brand entertainment for our clients to hire for their Brand Events.

Join us as we narrow our huge catalogue of Brandable Entertainment down to just three options! We believe these could cause a stir at any Brand Event and get your desired outcome!

#1 3D Brand Projection Show

This unique 3D mapping Brand Projection Show is completely customisable and is a great way of promoting your brands, logos and ideas.

With this bespoke service, you can customise it to your exact requirements to achieve your desired outcome. See how Bristol used it to promote their image by combining this projection show with some amazing aerial performers and other entertainers:

We have provided this 3D projection show for a range of Brand Events and have always yielded some amazing results.

If you would like to find out more, click below:

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#2 Rubik’s Cube Artist

Now if you’re looking for something truly unique that will be a sure-hit at your Brand Event, then look no further than our Rubik’s Cube Artist!

Giovanni Contardi, better known by his Instagram tag @jvenb, is a world-famous Rubik’s Cube Artist and is the world’s first Full-Time Rubik’s Cube Artist.

During the performance, Giovanni can interact with the audience, showing his speedcubing skills. Being a former World Record holder in speedcubing, achieving over 65 National Records, he can perform a Live Rubik’s cube Art show in front of a live audience.

It is no surprise this draws in huge crowds and is no-doubt a very memorable performance to add to any event, especially brand events.

This performer would be perfect for logo reveals or product reveals as the artist can create your logo or product from using just Rubik’s Cubes!

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#3 Large Scale Muralist

Our final selection had to be our Large Scale Muralist! This muralist can draw LIVE in front of an audience and creates masterpieces with huge clients such as Nike, BT and Levis, and mainly produces his art for product launches and events.

This is the kind of art he creates! (isn’t it amazing!?)

This talented Muralist will be a very unique and memorable addition to your event and always goes down a hit at any product launch or brand event.

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