Christmas is the busiest time of the year in the Events Industry as everyone wants to put on Christmas Events! Whether it be to boost foot traffic in stores at Shopping Centres and Town Centres or just to celebrate the Festive season with a party or event.

Join us as we explore three totally unique Christmas Attractions you can bring to your next Christmas Event!

#1 Christmas Land Train

Choo Choo! All aboard the Polar Express!

One of the most iconic Christmas Films (and a personal favourite of mine) is The Polar Express and you can now bring this to your event with a stunning Christmas Land Train!

Our Christmas Land Train is a popular option for Shopping Centres as it enables you to transport visitors around your Shopping Centre and it’s really good at bringing the Christmas Spirit to your visitors.

Whether you’re putting on a public Christmas Market, a Christmas Shopping Centre Event or any other large Christmas Event involving a large number of visitors, our Christmas Land Train is perfect!

Santa Claus performer driving our red Christmas Land Train around a UK shopping centre.

On top of the Land Train itself exciting, this unique Christmas Attraction can also come with a full team of elves and even a Santa if you so desire. Our Land Train also comes fully equipped with 2 stations that can be set up around your event (again, making this perfect for your shopping centre events).

If you want to make this Christmas Attraction even more special and Christmassy, our team can also decorate the train bespoke to your needs and requirements!

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#2 Winter Wonderland Arch (with a twist!)

This Winter Wonderland Arch is more than meets the eye…it’s actually an interactive Christmas Attraction where a performer can be placed inside to interact with guests as they pass through (of course, adding an element of fun to your Christmas event!)

Bespoke Winter Wonderland Arch we created as a Christmas Attraction to book for Christmas Events in the UK. Click to view our top three Christmas Attractions for hire.
Performer who stands inside the bespoke Winter Wonderland Arch that can be hired as a unique Christmas Attraction for your Christmas Events in the UK.

This unique Christmas Attraction was actually created by ourselves and have found it a great way of kicking off any Christmas Corporate Event with a unique twist.

What better way of getting people to remember your Christmas Event than with this unique Christmas Attraction?

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#3 Arctic Photo Booth

Last on our list is this amazing Arctic Photo Booth that we just had to include in this list!

Photo booths are an amazing Christmas Attraction to book for any Christmas Event and never fail to draw in crowds.

Arctic Photo Booth with polar bear prop, Christmas trees and more available to hire for Christmas Events in the UK.

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We hope you find this list of three unique Christmas Attractions helpful and maybe got some inspiration for your next Christmas Event.

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