Stilt walkers are one of the most popular entertainment options. These versatile performers can be hired as both meet and greet and walkabout entertainment.

Our stilt walkers can walkabout your event, interacting with guests as they go or can greet and welcome guests into the event venue. With Easter not far away, we have an exciting selection of stilt walkers that will help you celebrate the season right.

#1 Flower Stilt Walkers

The Flower Stilt Walkers are a wonderfully vibrant duo of stilt walkers who will bring an abundance of sophistication and grace to your event. Bedecked in rich greens and blues, our Flower Stilt Walkers are the perfect entertainment option to help welcome back the season of Spring.

#2 Tropical Bird Stilt Walkers

These multi-coloured Birds will put the spring back in your step with their fantastic array of colours. Having travelled all over the world, these Birds are ready to help you celebrate Easter right.

These eye-catching birds are always a massive hit and talking point wherever they go. They’re also a great photo opportunity and will make your event a memorable one.

#3 Circus Stilt Walkers

Everybody loves it when the circus comes to town! Well, what about circus-themed performers on stilts?

These dazzling performers take on the weird and wacky personas of the circus and in turn, will create a fun-filled time for all. Our stilt walkers have many years of experience and will be sure to delight and excite the crowds at your event.

#4 The Blossoms

Covered in a fabulous array of hand-crafted material flowers, our Blossoms will be in full bloom for your event. These stunning stilt walkers will parade around your event interacting with your guests as they remark at how beautiful the costumes are.

These charming and captivating characters will be sure to catch the eye of everyone at your event.

#5 Family Trees

The Family Trees are a group of living trees who amaze you with their stunning costumes. Although not all of them are stilt walkers, this beautiful collection of living trees and plants will create a wonderful eco-themed time for all.

If you would like to view more stilt walkers to hire for picnic events or Easter events, then please click here.

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