Virtual and Hybrid events are now a new trend, which applies to Christmas parties and events alike. We organise virtual Christmas parties for corporate clients annually and thought we’d share a few of our top tips!

How Does A Virtual Christmas Event Work?

Company Christmas Parties will be a bit different this year, but they are the perfect opportunity to do something fun and engaging for your staff to put this un-predictable year behind us!

Our Virtual Christmas Events and Parties take place on online, virtual platforms such as Zoom. Our Virtual Experiences can be hosted from a professional studio to get the highest quality experience possible.

Book a unique, fully managed Virtual Christmas Party or Virtual Corporate Christmas Party for Christmas 2020. We can provide unique virtual Christmas entertainment and experiences for your Corporate Virtual Christmas Party.

We can Brand virtual studio spaces to suit your company and brand to make your Virtual Christmas Party unique to you.

Once we’ve created the perfect Virtual Christmas space for you, we look at the Virtual Experiences and Virtual Entertainment we can bring to your online event to make it as fun and interactive as possible.

All of our Virtual Parties can come with a fun, upbeat Host who can get participants excited and engaging throughout the duration of the virtual experience.

We have a wide range of Christmas Themed Entertainers who can perform online, as well as offering unique Virtual interactive games that are Christmas themed, such as our Virtual Murder Mystery Game.

Christmas Virtual Murder Mystery experience available to book for Virtual Christmas Parties and Virtual Events.

To take this a step further, we are also able to send out things like bespoke gift boxes and hampers to all participants. These gift boxes can be linked to your online experience to make it as immersive as possible!

Our Virtual Christmas Parties are authentic Christmas experiences with a real personal touch. They are great for boosting staff morale, which is especially important after the year we’ve had

How Many People Can A Virtual Christmas Party Run For?

When a client comes to us to book a Virtual Christmas Party, a common question is, “How many people can attend?”

The beauty of hosting a Virtual Event or experience is that there is no real limit to the number of people who can take part. That being said, some experiences are better with more or fewer participants.

Virtual experiences such as murder mystery games or quizzes are perfect for higher numbers of guests as they can be split into several teams.

For any Virtual experience, we would recommend at least 5 people to attend and can provide these experiences for guests in the thousands!

Why Book A Virtual Christmas Party?

There are many positives to hosting a Virtual Christmas Party, some of which include:

  • Cost-Effective: we provide very cost-effective Virtual Christmas Party packages
  • Entertaining, Engaging, Interactive
  • Involves Friends and Family
  • Great for boosting Morale: get your staff working together and doing something different
  • Learn some practical skills: we provide a range of craft workshops as a part of our Virtual Christmas Parties

Virtual Christmas Parties Are Cost-Effective

Our Virtual Christmas Parties are very cost-effective because we offer a wide range of packages that cater to different budgets and requirements.

Virtual Experiences enable us to provide great value-for-money as they enable cost savings for things like hiring a venue space, providing catering, staff, full venue decorations and more.

Entertaining, Engaging, Interactive

The Office Christmas Party is something we all look forward to at the end of the year and we can still make this happen!

Zoom Call Virtual Murder Mystery Experience available to book for private clients and businesses whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

Christmas is there to be celebrated and our Virtual Christmas Parties are entertaining, engaging and interactive because we can provide some truly unique Virtual Entertainment and Experiences for you and your staff!

Virtual Christmas Parties Are Safe!

Whilst COVID-19 is here, a lot of people are uncertain about attending LIVE, physical events.

Our Virtual Christmas Parties are the safest option for your staff this year and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own homes and spaces!

No need for masks or sanitiser!

Involves Friends & Family

Christmas is a time of the year where everyone gets together and our Virtual Christmas Parties are no different!

Our online Virtual Christmas Parties enable huge numbers of family and friends to attend (virtually) the same event and enjoy the same experiences!

Great For Boosting Morale

Our Virtual Christmas Parties involve a lot of engaging experiences and activities that require teamwork and as a result are great for boosting morale!

Put this challenging year behind us!

Virtual Christmas Parties Can Teach You Some Practical Skills!

Our Virtual Christmas Parties can include things like Craft Workshops which are not only fun and engaging but also allow those in attendance to take something practical from the experience!

Top Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

#1 Christmas Virtual Murder Mystery

Our Virtual Murder Mystery is a fantastic online event experience to book for Virtual Christmas Parties and online events.

This interactive experience is a great option to bring to your Virtual Christmas Party to boost team morale; our Virtual Murder Mystery nights are great for bringing people together during Social Distancing!

We have lots of Virtual murder mystery options that are suitable for Virtual Christmas Parties, such as our

  • This Virtual Murder Mystery game is great for boosting team morale
  • An extremely interactive experience that gets people socialising!
  • Dressing up is an option!
  • Brilliant performances from our actors
Santa Claus with a weapon in his right hand in a dim-lit urban street. This scene is part of our Christmas Themed Murder Mystery, interactive Virtual Experience, available to book for Online Events this Christmas. Great for Corporate Clients and more.

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#2 Virtual Festive Wreath Making

If you’re looking for something more hands-on, we also offer our one-hour virtual experience with our floristry expert who teaches participants how to create amazing Christmas wreath that will make your neighbours jealous!

We provide all the kit required to create your wreath, including tools as well as beautiful seasonal foliage and adornments.

  • Fully interactive
  • All equipment and tools provided
  • Perfect virtual entertainment option for Virtual Chirstmas parties
  • Customisable to suit you
Virtual wreath making workshop finished result
Virtual wreath making workshop finished result

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#3 Virtual Christmas Carol Singers

Our Virtual Christmas Carol Singers are a talented group of traditional Christmas Carol Singers who can perform at your Virtual Christmas Party!

Our Virtual Christmas Carollers perform from their festive studio, enabling them to deliver stunning performances at virtual Christmas parties!

We make it easy for our clients to create a light and spirited atmosphere and a memorable occasion that your guests will talk about long after.

They usually perform 3 sets, which usually last around 20-30 minutes each. Timings and sets can be changed to suit your requirements.

What’s more festive than a Christmas Carol Singer?

  • An amazing professional group of singers
  • Bring the fun and festive spirit to your Virtual Christmas Party
  • Our Virtual Christmas Carollers perform gorgeous harmonies
Virtual entertainment ideas live performing carol singers available to book for your virtual Christmas party or event

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#4 Virtual Santa Claus

Our Virtual Santa Claus experiences are a way of delivering the Christmas spirit to our clients through:

  • Personalised Santa Messages
  • Virtual Santa Claus Meet and Greet
  • Santa Claus Message with personalised Gift Bags

Using our studio spaces, we provide LIVE or pre-recorded Santa Claus messages and Virtual Santa Claus experiences for online Christmas Events and Experiences.

We can make our Virtual Santa Experiences as realistic and personal as possible by organising things like Gift Boxes and similar items to be sent to your Home address or specified address.

We find this option very popular for our private clients looking for something special to do for their children this Christmas!

Virtual Santa Experience available to book for Christmas 2020. Great for Zoom Calls, Online Events, Virtual Events and more.

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#5 Virtual Gingerbread House Decorating

Our award-winning gingerbread builder will show you how the pros do it!

Learn how to design a magnificent gingerbread house (or at least one that doesn’t fall over!) with our virtual gingerbread house decorating class.

We provide all the kit required, sending this straight to their doorstep.

  • Fully interactive
  • All materials and tutoring provided
  • Great way to celebrate the festive season
  • Ability to incorporate company branding
Virtual gingerbread master class online experience available to book for festive virtual Christmas party celebrations.

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Virtual Christmas Party Add-Ons

We have a wide range of add-ons that can really make your Virtual Christmas Party the best yet!

Christmas Hampers & Gift Boxes

Our Christmas Hampers and Gift Boxes make a huge difference to a Virtual Christmas Party. Not only will your guests be gifted some amazing presents, but it makes for a more interactive, social virtual experience.

Our Gift Boxes and Hampers can include simple treats such as Christmas biscuits, alcohol and more, all of which can be enjoyed whilst enjoying the Virtual Christmas Party!

Collection of wrapped Christmas Gift Boxes. We can send out bespoke Christmas Gift Boxes and packages to the guests of your Virtual Christmas Event or Experience.

We have a wide variety of Gift Boxes to make sure there’s something for everyone. With the carefully picked selection of food and drinks, it makes for a great conversation point for your virtual party…and they’re delicious too.

We can theme our Christmas Hampers and provide specific items if required. We can even Brand the Gift Boxes and Hampers to make it as personal to you as possible.

Our hampers and party packs offer something for everyone and we offer a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. We also cater to any dietary requirements such as allergies, or if anyone is vegan, vegitarian etc.

Any kits required for Virtual Workshops or any of the experiences provided will be sent out directly to all participants.

This makes for a much more personal experience for all involved!

Virtual Hosts

All our virtual Christmas party events are presented by a virtual host who also attends the Virtual event.

This is to make sure the experience runs as it should and they are effectively the face of your experience.

Virtual food and drink workshop host speaking to guests about gin. Our online workshop experiences are a great option for those looking to entertain whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

Our host greets everyone who attends and guides you through your Virtual Experience.

All of our Hosts are experts in their field and we also provide hosts that are specific to their purpose. For example, if you have a cocktail workshop as part of the experience, our Host will be a cocktail expert!

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Our Virtual Christmas Events are very popular with Corporate clients and are being booked up quickly, so to avoid any disappointment, you may want to book your dates in and take the uncertainty out of your Christmas plans this year!

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