Once again we have proved triumphant in creating THE most talked about, extravagant, deliciously christmassy, and not to forget most featured on the ‘gram Christmas decorations of 2019.

Our reputation of designing and creating bespoke Christmas decorations that only dreams are made of has earned us the place of working for the likes of Waldorf Hilton Hotel and Isabelle Kristensen. Not to mention being featured in Vogue magazine, The Daily Mail and a multitude of luxury lifestyle and travel blogs including The Hotel Trotter. 

We are so humbled by receiving coverage in such prestigious magazine as Vogue and be placed alongside some truly amazing designers.

Isabell Kristensen Pop Up Shop

Our brief was to create the most beautiful, elegant and luxurious decorations that also had a homely and comfortable undertone. 

Typically clients visit the store to have their couture garments designed for them, however, the purpose of our Christmas decorations was not just to make the store look amazing but also to promote their new ‘at home’ service. Therefore the brief of making the shop look elegant and homely was very important.

In order to transform the boutique we created…

  • Bespoke signage. 
  • Lengths of adorned, lit garlands for the interior of the store.
  • A Luxury walkway into the store
  • Lit, thick evergreen garlands around all of the outside windows.
  • Beautifully lit Christmas trees on either side of the entrance.

We were delighted with the outcome of the decorations and received great feedback from our clients. We also made an impact over social platforms with these decorations with lots of people using them as a backdrop for their festive selfies.

Luxury Christmas Decorations For The Waldorf Hilton

On an annual basis, we decorate the famous Waldorf Hilton, London using our very own Luxury Christmas Decorations.

2019 saw us decorate the luxury Hotel for the fourth year running!

Every year we decorate the Waldorf Hotel, we like to choose a unique theme, keeping our luxury Christmas decorations new and fresh. As a result, they always cause a stir online and on social media.

Here are the themes we have decorated the Hotel in over the years:

  • 2016: Bowler Hat & Pocket Watches
  • 2017: Theatre Theme
  • 2018: 1920’s Great Gatsby / Prohibition Theme
  • 2019: The Nutcracker Theme
  • 2020: Stay Tuned!

Our Waldorf Christmas Decorations Caused a Social Media & Blogging Frenzy!

Collage of Waldorf Decorations published on several instagram social media accounts.

Our most recent Christmas decorations at the hotel circulated the world of social media, with the public taking photos in front of our Christmas trees and decorations…every year it keeps our Media Team very busy replying to posts and we’re glad to say 2019 was no different!

From bloggers such as Nataly Jennins, Christmas wishes from the general public, professional Photographers and even Ballet Dancers! People loved having their photo taken next to our decorations. Our Team are always blown away by the social media engagement created online.

Waldorf Hilton London coverage in Vogue Magazine and The Hotel Trotter.

Our Nutcracker decorations received online coverage in Vogue Magazine, “The Best Afternoon Tea in London”! We were overwhelmed with the coverage and the feedback received by the public; in-person and online!

On top of this, our Decorations were also covered in an article by The Hotel Trotter, “Best Christmas Decorations 2019”.

Daily Mail: Meet the Women who paid a small fortune to Decorate their Homes this Festive Season

Online coverage of our White and Pink Luxury Christmas Decorations in Stephanie Dann's in the Daily Mail.

This most recent Christmas also saw Julia (our Director) decorate Stephanie Dann’s massive home with six bedrooms, five reception rooms, an indoor pool and more (to put it simply, there was a lot to decorate!)

Julia previously organised Stephanie’s husband’s 50th Birthday Party and since then have been in contact. Stephanie’s dubs Julia as her “festive fairy godmother, sprinkling her magic over my home every December”.

Why Did Stephanie Book Our Service?

Stephanie owns her very own holiday rental business, lives between Northants and Spain and has six children and ten grandchildren. She’s very busy!

In Stephanie’s words “It may sound extravagant to hire a professional to decorate our home at Christmas, but it’s an investment that saves my time and sanity.”

Stephanie describes why she used our service further, stating that her “grandchildren love coming for Christmas. And you can’t put a price on that”

How Did We Decorate Her Home? 

To transform this lovely home into a Christmas Paradise, we had to provide a huge number of decorations. These luxury decorations were built on-site as our decorations were too big to fit through the doorways!

In summary, we provided (and bespoke-made):

  • Three Artificial Trees
  • One 11ft Christmas Tree in the Family Room
  • An 8ft Tree in the Dining Room
  • One 9ft Tree in the Drawing Room
  • A stunning 20-metre garland for the Banisters
  • Smaller garlands on all three fireplaces

Along with the client, we’re very happy with the outcome and how the decorations turned out!

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