PDF With Tips On Supporting You and Your Mental Health Whilst Working From Home:

Although working from home throughout Covid-19 might sound like a great thing, in reality, for a lot of people it is a big change and something they may find very difficult!

There are many ways that you can make your home a positive and productive working environment, from doing a morning commute, to creating a clear, clean working space.

On this blog, we have attached a PowerPoint presentation with lots of brilliant top tips to help to manage your mental health and well being throughout an uncertain time!

Other top tips we have for working from home include:

  • Setting yourself clear daily targets
  • Allowing yourself enough time in the morning to get up and ready for work, so you feel like you’re still ‘going’ to work
  • Planning your lunch break into the day so you can outline the way your day will run
  • Having some healthy snacks in the house so you don’t sit and eat biscuits all day (yes, ok we are guilty of not always following this one!)
  • And of course, ensuring that you have plenty of teabags to keep you going

If you would like any more information on how Julia Charles is supporting our clients and Suppliers we have a dedicated post for this. We also have a Covid-19 blog and press section to keep you updated on the latest. Additionally, we have lots of resources to help support suppliers with contacting clients.

Let’s continue spreading positivity and working hard to keep our amazing industries going!

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