When the John Lewis advert starts coming up on your TV and the Coca Cola Truck starts making its way the around the country, you know Christmas isn’t too far away!

Everyone’s always looking for the best entertainment to hire to make sure their event a success and we have a wonderful selection of musical Christmas acts that will make this happen.

#1 Bloom Road Choir

The Bloom Road Choir are a talented gospel choir who also double as carol singers. This accomplished group of singers can be hired as 6-piece right through to a 24-piece collective.

This professional choir has had an array of success and has performed on the TV, in film and even on the radio. These talented singers would create an abundance of Christmas cheer at your event.

#2 Musical Snow Queen Chariot

The Musical Snow Queen Chariot is a magical act that consists of the Snow Queen and the Snow Princess. The Snow Princess is a talented violinist who plays a brilliant mixture of classic Christmas melodies.

Although the Snow Queen isn’t musical herself, her regal chariot is. The chariot will play all the Christmas favourites as the Queen and Princess roll in. Our exciting Musical Chariot is perfect for the whole family.

#3 The Energetic Elves

The Energetic Elves have been given time off by the big himself in order to launch their very own music career. These delightful Elves are armed with ukuleles, guitars, jingle bells and their trusted voices. With their range of talents, these Elves will be sure to excite and entertain the whole family.

#4 The Lustrous Strings

The Lustrous Strings are an electric strings trio who will blow you away with their unique blend of music talent, glamour and elegance. These 3 accomplished musicians have performed all over the world will a whole host of esteemed singers such as Sir Elton John, Rihanna, Gary Barlow and more. This talented trio will take the roof off any event.

#5 The Hart Carollers

If you’re looking for some traditional carollers, then look no further. The Hart Carollers are a quartet of traditional Christmas carol singers who will create an abundance of Christmas cheer and spirit for everyone who witnesses their talent.

For more ideas and inspiration, you can head over to our Christmas Musical Entertainment page! Here you will find our full catalogue of Christmas themed musical entertainment.

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