St. George’s Day is the day where we celebrate our Patron Saint. There so many wonderful ways to celebrate this heroic figure (providing the weather stays good). If you’re planning a picnic or family fun day to celebrate here is a guide to some truly exciting St. George’s Day Entertainment!

#1 Medieval Jousting Shows

Our Medieval Jousting Shows are exhilarating displays that will we be sure to get the blood pumping. Our gallant knights will demonstrate the fine art of jousting as they ride atop of their dressed horses in full armour. These trained stuntmen will deliver an exciting and breathtaking show for all.

#2 Walkabout Dragon & Fairy

This menacing but gentle walkabout Dragon is the perfect entertainment option to help you celebrate St. George’s Day. Accompanied by an innocent fairy, this dragon stomps interacting with children and adults as he goes. This incredible beast will take you back to an almost forgotten time of mythology and giant beasts.

#3 St. George Stilt Walker

You thought it was impossible to have the saint himself at your event? Well, think again. We can provide a St. George Stilt Walker. Ok, so he’s not actually St. George, but our stilt walker gives us the chance to view what the valiant man might have been like. Our St. George Stilt Walker will create a memorable time for all.

#4 Walkabout Mechanical Creatures

If you’re looking for a true wow factor, then take a look at our Mechanical Creatures for hire. These incredible bespoke structures are truly eye-catching and will be sure to create a talking point at your St. George’s Day-themed events. Pictured above is our mechanical dragon, who you can see is breathing out real fire. Your guests will be truly amazed by our Mechanical Creatures.

#5 Epic The Dragon

Because one can never have enough dragons, you should take a look at our Epic the Dragon. This comical and vibrant beast will create a huge buzz and a wonderful photo opportunity for everyone. This gentle giant is incredibly friendly and always makes friends wherever he goes.

For more ideas and inspiration for St. George’s Day entertainment, take a look at our St. George’s Day Entertainment page!

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