With origins dating back over 2000 years, Halloween is now a globally popular calendar event that continues to breed new increasing prevalence and adoration.

It all started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain whereby people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. The Celts would mark the occasion by engaging in other activities such as burning crops and animals.

Scary Halloween Dead Body prop we used to decorate our client's venue for Halloween.

Over time Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, festive gatherings, donning costumes and consuming sugary treats!

And now with the event & entertainment industry making virtually any concept achievable, you can celebrate Halloween however you please.

Nonetheless, if you’re stuck for ideas read on to be inspired on how you can this Halloween one to remember. Here’s a list of ideas you could stage to mark the scariest day of the year, including Halloween entertainment ideas and decor:

#1 Ghost Tours / Ghost Hunts

With every town having its fair share of ghost stories and tales of bizarre happenings, this a great option to get the locals both thrilled and frightened. And what’s more, you can increase your ghost tour’s appeal by adding haunted stops such as historic pubs.

If you want to up the ante why not host a ghost hunt, giving attendees the chance to make contact with ghosts as opposed to just hearing stories about them. This particular option will be sure to leave your guests stunned!

#2 Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder mystery dinners are always a favourite and are particularly fitting at times such as Halloween. With this event type, you can encourage your guests to add to the experience of arriving in fancy dress and treat them to great food and night of detective work.

It’s a great way of getting your guests to bond and interact with one another and overall just have a great time!

#3 Monsters Ball

Another great option in which Halloween inspired attire is your ticket to the party which can include games, food and music to match. This event can also be hosted at a club catering for the revellers out there.

#4 Horror Movie Screening

Arguably the easiest way to scare people, horror movie screenings have been a popular go-to option for years now. Movies such as ‘The Exorcist’, ‘The Grudge’ the ‘Sinister’ trilogy are all guaranteed to generate screams from your thrill-seeking guests.

#5 Zombie Run

Why not bring the hit app ‘Temple Run’ to life with a 5 or even 10k run for fitness fanatics out there.

The Zombie Disco Run of London does just that and sees runners collecting clues on their way, whilst avoiding a tribe of zombies. The race ends will all finishers being rewarded with a medal, generous amounts of free beer and access to a free Halloween party.

#6 Day of the Dead Festival

Day of the dead is a popular Mexican holiday held in honour of the dead. Celebrations typically involve dancing colourful costumes and skull-shaped masks making it the perfect theme for a Halloween festival or party.

#7 Halloween Workshops

Why not encourage people to get out and learn a new skill? A suitable option for all ages, Halloween workshops can include anything from learning the dance routine to the popular Halloween hit ‘Thriller’ to an arts and crafts workshop learning how to create artwork reminiscent of that seen in the day of the dead celebrations.

We have a fantastic Pumpkin Carving Artist who can actually teach you and your guests how to create some fantastic art pieces!

With everyone up for a good time of celebrations, Halloween is the perfect occasion to try your hand at hosting an event with spooky spin.

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