As an event management company, we see all sorts of crazy stuff pass across our desks! Zombies, killer Santas, mutant clowns, evil dolls and so many more. As a result, Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year where we put on all types of scary events!

We feel as though some of our acts deserve special recognition for being some of the freakiest, scariest and downright coolest forms of Halloween entertainment!

#1 The Toys Of Torture

The Toys Of Torture are a gruesome group of walkabout toys/dolls that will absolutely terrorise your Halloween event.

Each of the characters has a unique, extremely detailed costume, complete with masks and realistic props. Take a look at the photos below to get an idea!

#2 The Harlequin Stilt Walkers

Although these performers have been around for a few years, the Harlequin Stilt Walkers have earned themselves a place on the list due to their outright creepiness. Trust me, it’s super creepy. Raised up on stilts to around 8ft tall, the Harlequin Stilt Walkers will walk around your venue like giant monsters from another world!

They also provide a contortionist variant of this act called Harlequin Acrobats (bottom photo) which is also a fantastic option!

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#3 Miss Havisham Stilt Walker

Tall, ghostly and dressed in cobwebbed wedding gowns, Miss Havisham has made it in onto our top Halloween picks for 2016 due to her unsettling spookiness and amazing character performances.

With pale white skin, angry bride act and towering stature, this performer has truly captured what it means to be a scary lady for a Halloween occasion. I’d sure hate to be the groom that made her this mad!

#4 The Skeletors

Unlike some others that rely on scary voices or jumpy performances, this show from The Skeletors takes advantage of its fantastic costuming and just blends into the corner of your eye, and waits to scare people!

A great act for your Halloween event this year, and always a truly rememberable performance.

#5 The Creepy Ringmaster & Puppet

This Creepy Ringmaster and Puppet is fantastic because it has all the components for giving you the chills without the terrifying faces or jumpy performances. Perfect for Halloween as well as a host of different events, including birthday parties, private events or event club nights.

So there you have it! That is Julia Charles Event Managements top picks for the Halloween entertainment we all love for 2020! 

Our Halloween Entertainment and Actors are a fantastic option for our Halloween Scare Attractions.

Head over to our Halloween Entertainment page for our full catalogue of Halloween performers and shows!

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