Assembling the Ideas

We were approached by Blue Chip upon recommendation from another client to put on a Summer Festival to treat their employees!

They had seen what we had done with another event (our Woodstock Themed Party) and wanted us to put on a Festival Themed Event atmosphere with a similar atmosphere but on a bigger scale that catered for 350 guests!

This client insisted that they needed the Festival to ‘wow their staff’ and gave us full creative reign and management control, trusting us to deliver what they wanted and actually didn’t look at what we’d prepared until the day before the event date to make it a surprise!

The Client Required:

  • Us to take care of everything – concept, design, production, management
  • That the event had a festival vibe like our Woodstock Themed Party
  • The event to ‘WOW’ their employees!

Adding our Expertise

We knew this Summer Festival was going to be monumental and we were excited to work with clients that were willing to push creative boundaries.

There were numerous bespoke street food stands, dozens of live musicians playing and loads of whacky walkabout acts roaming the venue from robot stilt walkers to giant bubble blowers.

We supplied bespoke hippie themed furniture and props, including a giant elephant personalised for the client, and all tents, staging, lighting and AV equipment.

We fully managed the Summer Festival that lasted from 6 pm until 12 am, perfect timing to be able to enjoy the end of the summer day and the majestic festival lights that illuminated the night sky while Scott Mills played a DJ set – an authentic festival experience.

  • Many live musicians, bands and DJs including Scott Mills
  • We supplied tents, lighting, staging, AV equipment
  • We custom-built Summer Festival-themed furniture and props
  • We provided full design, production and management services

Admiring the results

When the client saw the Summer Festival for the first time on the eve of the event, they were over the moon!

They were thrilled with the attention to detail we provided and loved the personal touched we incorporated, such as the elephant prop and secret hideaway areas around the venue.

The guests had an amazing time enjoying quality free food, drink and music and we were delighted to be able to work with a client that was open to new ideas and appreciated our work so much.

What Did We Achieve?

  • We designed an authentic Summer Festival concept the client loved!
  • Our team ensured the event ran smoothly
  • We ‘Wowed’ the Blue Chip staff as requested by the client!

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