Assembling the Ideas

This client approached us after being recommended by our American Horror Story client and had very clear ideas for their 50th birthday event in mind already.

They requested a Festival Theme in their beautiful landscape garden, that incorporated live music, luxury street food and dessert stations, glamping and a mesh of vibrant colours to create the Festival Themed Party they wanted.

To transform the garden into a buzzing festival site without disturbing the landscaping, we came up with lots of festival party ideas to pitch to the client and then put together precise set and marquee designs.

The team was really excited about the prospect of this event and kicked things off with a bespoke invitation design to set the tone for the rest of the event.

The Client Required:

  • A bespoke marquee design complete with pallet furniture to fit around complex garden landscaping.
  • Us to deliver an authentic Woodstock themed party precisely the festival party ideas they had in mind.
  • Us to fully manage the event on the day and ensure everything was to the highest standard.

Adding our Expertise

Due to the bespoke nature of this event, we required 7 event managers, a production crew, support staff and 13 sub-contractors to start working six days before the event.

By the end, a fully-fledged miniature festival site was formed.

Guests could party in the Capri tent arena area with live music or relax in the chill-out area, which was complete with a street food court, bar and bespoke decorated shisha lounges.

They could then head off to the ‘glamping’ area for a luxurious overnight stay in one of our bell tents.

  • Every aspect of the design was in line client’s clear ideas
  • We managed everything in preparation and on the day
  • We designed a bespoke marquee design to fit around landscaping and suit the Woodstock Party Theme
  • We organised suppliers of food, drink, entertainment and staging

Admiring the results

The end product was incredibly well received by our client and their guests.

We took care of every detail to ensure that the event was entertaining for all, ran like clockwork, and was representative of the precise festival party ideas our client had in mind for the event.

The complicated marque design was a complete success and the client was extremely happy with how we delivered on the detail they asked for.

Our design and theming expertly captured elements of the swinging sixties, leading to a care-free, relaxed party atmosphere that got guests mingling from the beginning.

We successfully created the Woodstock party theme.

This is an excellent example of what we can do when tasked with creating a bespoke event for clients who know exactly what they want.

We worked closely with them on designing the event to their conceptual requirements and took care of management and production to ensure it ran smoothly on the day.

We created this event from scratch, determined to find a way to make it happen around the detailed landscaping, turning the space into the client’s dream party.

We also received lots of requests for bespoke invitation designs off the back of this event.

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