Assembling the Ideas

BSH hosts a Family Fun Day for its employees every year, usually catering for around 700–800 people. This particular year, they decided to merge what would usually be three separate events into one huge fair that was required to accommodate 2000 people!

BSH contacted us to design and manage the whole BSH Family Fun Day, allowing everybody to enjoy the event and have fun.

The Client Required:

  • The BSH Family Fun Day to be organised to cater for 2000 people
  • A memorable 50th Birthday Celebration for the company and its employees
  • Compliance and consistency with security and health & safety standards

Adding our Expertise

We put together every element of this BSH Family Fun Day. It took three months to plan and two days to prepare and we planned, supplied and managed each aspect of the mammoth, 2000 capacity fun day.

The entire day had to stick to a meticulous running order, as the venue was still in use for commercial purpose and lorries were continuously arriving and leaving where we were setting up.

  • We managed the entire BSH Family Fun Day from planning to preparation to delivery
  • We supplied catering, fairground rides, structures, security, entertainment
  • We designed and oversaw the entire setup of the Corporate Fun Day
  • We health and safety checked everyone that contributed to the Family Fun Fay

Admiring the results

BSH considered the Corporate Fun Day to be an absolute success, with all 2000 clients packing out the venue for the whole four-hour duration of the day.

All the food we supplied was demolished by the end and the amusements were busy all day, with suppliers making numerous comments about how busy they’d been.

It was well-received by everyone involved and BSH was pleased to have been delivered a superb Corporate Fun Day to remember their landmark 50th birthday by forever.

We Did We Achieve?

  • A Great Reception by Client and Guests
  • We successfully managed a Hectic Schedule and ensured the BSH Family Fun Day ran smoothly
  • BSH was happy with such a memorable day

This is a brilliant example of how well such large scale events can be run if left in complete control of our team.

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