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Top Guest Speakers for Hire

It can be very difficult to book Guest Speakers on your own behalf. Also, Guest Speaker agencies rarely have set prices. Even if they do, there are lots of hidden costs! That is why you end up making multiple enquiries, phone calls and emails, back and forth until you have accurate prices.

That’s where a Speakers Management agency like us we come in.

Creating events that involve Guest Speakers, we have built up very close relationships with Guest Speakers and agents alike, giving us access to some of the best Guest Speakers in the world. This close relationship also gives us access to the best prices, so you will often save money by booking through Julia Charles Event Management.

What do we provide with our Guest Speaker service?

If you are unsure of which Guest Speaker to choose, we can recommend some that will be a huge hit at your event.

Once you know what kind of speaker you need, or even have a specific speaker in mind, the next step is to get quotes.

Using our existing relationships, we approach the guest speaker on your behalf to get an accurate price. We find out the basic booking cost, plus indications of other areas you need to consider, such as travel and accommodation costs. As a result, it’s easier for you to stick to your budget and keep correspondence to a minimum.

Whether you want to book a celebrity speaker for a product launch or brand activation or a professional host for a charity event, we can help. We are experienced in booking guest speakers successfully, which is why we have so many repeat clients.

What do you need to know before you can book a guest speaker?

You want to inspire, entertain or motivate the delegates at your conference, or the employees at your Christmas or summer party. You know the basics, like when and where the event will be. However, the amount of additional information a guest speaker needs before they can confirm a booking might come as a surprise.

We help you navigate this aspect of booking a guest speaker.

Our consultation includes questions such as: Who is the end client? Who else is speaking (to avoid any conflict of interest)? Are you happy for your motivational speaker to use an existing script or would you like them to write new material? What size is the stage? What are the technical specifications of the presenting equipment that is to be used? The list goes on.

We gather as much detail as possible, up front, to maximise the chance of a swift and positive response from your chosen speaker.

Another important question to consider is whether you have contacted other companies about booking a particular speaker. If a celebrity, for example, is contacted multiple times about the same event, they know the end client is shopping around and it is unlikely they will take up the offer. We have great relationships with speakers and their agents, so we prefer to avoid this scenario.

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With over 15 years of experience, we have detailed knowledge of the events industry and have worked with all types of clients along the way. To get a quote or find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us today.

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