What Speaker Management services do we offer?

With our Speaker Management Services, we match up the perfect Guest Speaker to suit your criteria and event type.

From Corporate Events to Brand activations, Conferences to Charity work, we’ll ensure to find you a Guest Speaker with brilliant material to set the tone for your event!

Some Of The Services We Offer Include:

Below you will see our Guest Speakers by sector.

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Who we are

We have been supplying high profile Guest Speakers for over two decades.

As a Guest Speaker Agency we have worked with all kinds of clients, booking Guest Speakers to talk at every kind of event.

Not to mention the fact that our Speaker management service provides multiple services meaning we can plan, produce and manage your entire event.

This means that we can run your event from one central location saving you lots of time and ensuring you’re delivered an exceptional night!

About Us

What we do

Our Guest Speaker Agency Supplies Speakers from all kinds of avenues.

We provide a whole host of Guest Speaker Hire. From Sporting Legends, World Class Comedians, Motivational and Inspirational Speakers and people at the top of their Industries.

Not only do we provide Keynote speaker hire, but we also look after the logistical side of the booking.

Managing speech content, Meet and Greets, Event running order, additional entertainment and even full Event production hire!

Our Work

Why use us

Booking Guest Speakers is notoriously difficult with out industry contacts.

As a professional Guest Speaker Agency, we have established connections with Guest Speakers and Suppliers, making the likelihood of securing your guest speaker very high!

Not to mention the fact that it can be very difficult to book Guest Speakers on your own behalf.

We arrange speech content and logistics saving you time and money. Our costs are transparent so you won’t find any nasty hidden charges!

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What to know when booking a guest speaker

As a Guest Speaker Agency, we deal with all of the logistical sides of the booking

Firstly we host a consultation with our clients. This includes questions such as: Who is the end client? Do you require a custom-written speech? What size is the stage? What are the technical specifications of the presenting equipment that is to be used? And so on.

By collating all of this information at the start we will maximise the chance of a swift and positive response from your chosen speaker.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to hire a Guest Speaker for your event but don’t know who to book we can provide invaluable advice on who will set the right tone.

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How to integrate a guest Speaker into your event

Although you expect your Guest Speaker to deliver an incredible speech, there are multiple other ways they can be incorporated into your event.

Recently we worked on Renault’s Corporate Christmas party where we set up a virtual platform for racing stars to deliver an end-of-year speech. This is a great example of how to incorporate your Keynote Speaker hire into a virtual celebration or seminar.

We also worked with Monarch Airlines to live stream a digital show to their employees. This could be a brilliant way of celebrating your company by inviting a guest speaker to address your employees virtually.

However, if you are looking to hire a guest speaker to appear in person at your event we also suggest considering Meet and Greets with your guests. You could also have your Guest Speaker present awards, or perhaps even cut a ribbon on your company’s grand opening.

To find out more about our Speaker Management Services, simply get in contact today to speak with a member of the team who can discuss our services in-depth.


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