After reading our last Conference News Column, an exhibition stand design company got in touch with me to tell us about their sustainable stands.

This got us thinking about how much ‘stuff’ our industry uses – the sets, stages, props, graphic panels etc. So here is the question: how do we create these props sustainably and what do we do with them after the event has finished?

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Even before we created the Champions of Sustainable Events, we created a bar for Dark Horse Wines

For that installation, we re-purposed old pallets to create a rustic but contemporary bar area.  The pallets would have otherwise been burnt. Therefore, by re-purposing them, we saved the materials. Also, we created a stylish and exclusive bar.


We do the same with our yearly Christmas installations in top London hotels.

Our designer is an absolute wiz at re-purposing items found in charity shops. By reusing materials we keep costs down and save these materials from the skips. You would never have thought that many of the top London hotels are decorated with charity store finds! But it shows what you can do with a lot of creativity and ingenuity.

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Go join our Facebook Events Upcycle Revolt group to make your events more sustainable!


What happens to your props after you’ve finished with your event dressing materials? Do you store them for future use or do you relegate them to the skip? Shouldn’t we have a Facebook group for the recycling of event industry items? We have created one – it’s called Events Upcycling Revolt!

Please find the group and share your items! Together we can help to reduce waste in our industry. And as for that exhibition design company that got in touch? It was beMatrix, which seems like one to watch for sustainable stands.

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