Assembling the Ideas

Gallo Wines approached us to create a bespoke pop-up bar to promote ‘Dark Horse Wine’ at Pub In The Park. The pop-up bar and tent needed to be used at all four Pub In The Park sites. As a result, the bar had to be quick to construct with the limited time we had on-site. We did this without having an effect on the quality of the mobile bar.

The Client Requested:

  •  A mobile bar to represent the Dark Horse Wine image.
  •  A bespoke bar for all four locations of the Pub In The Park.
  •  A pop-up bar that would draw people in and boost brand image.

Adding our Expertise

With the requirements set, Michael went to designing the pop-up bar using CAD software. All of the concepts had to be modular, flat-pack bars to minimise the time taken to put together and take down the pop up bar and tent.

The pop-up bar had to be used on all four sites of Pub In The Park, so the design had to be durable and quick to construct with the limited time on site we had.

The designs had to incorporate a front of house/back of house layout so that there was room for a refrigerator, storage and for power to run to the bar from the site. The pallet bar also had to be big enough to cater for a large number of people.

On top of this, the designs had to reflect the brand image of Gallo Wine/Dark Horse Wine.

  • We built a bespoke bar that could be put up and taken down efficiently.
  • The bar catered for a large number of people attending Pub In The Park.
  • The designs reflected the brand image of the client.

Admiring the results

Overall the client was very happy with the outcome of the bespoke pop-up bar! The pallet bar was very popular at all four locations of Pub In The Park – Marlow, Tunbridge Wells, Bath and Knutsford.

The pop-up bar also proved very successful online, the brand, Dark Horse Wine, was featured in several articles all over the internet, getting the brand some great exposure, getting picked up by magazines such as Stand Out Magazine and Access All Areas.

The bar also done very well on social media, getting thousands of likes and impressions to boost brand exposure. Take a look at the video above to get more of an insight into how we put the bar together!

We Achieved:

  • Great brand exposure, getting Dark Horse Wine featured in several articles online.
  • Interest and engagement in the pop-up bar that made consumers aware of the brand.
  • Increased social media activity around the Dark Horse Wine brand.

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