Theming a conference event is no different to theming any other event, except for the fact that you should be trying to mould your theme around the message behind your conference. By this I mean the message you are trying to portray to your guest.

In this post, we will be offering some theme ideas that we suggest using for conference events, the services that are a “must-have” and the best way to bring your event together.

Where Do I Start?

When planning your conference, you should be trying to portray something that is engaging and exciting and above all else, express the message behind your event. Many people simply gather a group of people together and begin talking at them. Sounds pretty boring right? This isn’t the way it has to be!

What Makes a Good Conference?

Xero Staff Photo in the MK Dons Stadium Bleachers. Xero hired our conference management services to organise their 2019 Xerocon.

There is a lot of planning that goes into creating a successful Conference event, but what actually makes a good Conference?

  • Clear Theming – People love a clear theme around an event, so start by figuring out what your event is about. Trying to motivate a team? Try something like “Teamwork, makes the dream work”. Celebrating your businesses accomplishments? Try something like “Then, Now, The Future” These are all great ways to give you something interesting to talk about at your event.
  • Add some interactive features – In the past, we have found that people love activities that give them a chance to interact with one another. This can be anything from indoor mini-golf to a nice buffet table. By adding communal places for people to come together, you give them a chance to chat, laugh and interact with each other.
  • Clear Content – Throughout your conference, you will be featuring speakers, presentations and discussions based around your theme, so you should always be sure that your content is flowing well. By this I mean you should sit down with your speakers and explain the reason behind your event. Make sure they are keeping the topic in mind and keeping people-focused. This will make your conference more interesting for your guest and keep their attention.
  • Exceptional Keynote speakers – The backbone of a good conference is all about who is talking and what they’re talking about. Which is why you could consider using someone that may be familiar to your guest already.

    A lot of conferences today use celebrities as their keynote speaker, as it makes their message memorable, sharable and generally exciting. In addition, some conference will feature some of our favourite musicians to boost their turn out and leave a lasting impression on their guest.
Ben McBean, War Veteran and Guest Speaker spoke to the Xero staff at their 2019 annual kick-off conference where Xero revealed their 2019 TV Advert.
Ben McBean, War Veteran and Guest Speaker spoke to the Xero staff at their 2019 annual kick-off conference where Xero revealed their 2019 TV Advert.
  • Inspire your guests. No matter what the theme is – If you are taking the time to build a conference around something, you should already have a passion for it. Be it your business, your success or your latest product, you should always feature a speaker that will show your guest exactly why the theme of your event is so important.
  • Stand out from the rest – Most conferences run on a very similar schedule. Panels, discussions, speeches, keynotes, dinners and so on. Make your conference stand out from the rest and add something creative!

    In the past, we have seen conferences that have opened (or closed) with live bands, 3D Projection Shows, Dancers, performances and other amazing forms of entertainment that break the cycle of similar events and set a whole new standard of conferences.
  • Don’t forget the little things – I know this point is very obvious, but the small details of an event can be the difference between an enjoyable night and an evening of frustration. Make sure there is plenty of coffee, plenty of food and a constant flow of content. (Having activities for your guest to take part in is a great way to fill time in between speakers).
Unique Conference Team Building Activities we created for the Milton Keynes Xero Conference. Our Event Management services are available for hire across the UK.
Unique Conference Team Building Activities we created for the Milton Keynes Xero Conference..

The Right Theme for You

Only you can know what “The Right Theme” is. The theme of your event should be suitable for the topic of your event and fit alongside your evenings content. Here are some simple ideas to start brainstorming from.


  • Performance & Progression
  • Pushing Yourself Further
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Innovate, Integrate, Motivation
  • Stronger Together, Growing Together
  • The Future is Today


  • Celebrating Success
  • Performance & Progression
  • Devotion and Development
  • Business: Built to Progress
  • Ignite Team Spirit
  • Success from the start


  • Together as a Team
  • Leading the Way
  • Back to the Future
  • In it to Win it
  • Success Through Synergy

See the Conference we created for Xero back in 2019:

Read more about our Xero Conference event in Milton Keynes

These are some basic ideas and examples of conference themes that might suit your event. If you would like to find out how we can help you build your conference and give you even more inspiration, simply get in contact.

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