Events this year in 2020 will be a bit different due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. However, this does not mean events are not possible!

We recently put on a COVID-19 safe event for ‘Simple Life’, providing a bespoke branded ice cream van and more for their residents to enjoy.

How Did We Create A COVID-Safe Outdoor Event?

To create any COVID safe event, a Risk Assessment is paramount. This is the starting block to understanding the measures you need to put in place at your event to mitigate any risk of COVID-19.

COVID guidelines compliant ice cream van we hired out for our client Simple Life. This covid safe ice cream van is available to hire for private and corporate clients across the UK.

For our ‘Simple Life’ COVID-Safe event, we completed a comprehensive Risk Assessment, implemented Social Distancing measures and maintained clean areas throughout the outdoor event, using sanitising stations and cleaners.

Creating A COVID Risk Assessment

Creating a COVID compliant risk assessment is effectively the same as a traditional event risk assessment, although the number of guests and event space have to be looked at more specifically.

To allow for social distancing to take place, you need an adequate event space for the predicted number of guests in attendance.

You need to assess the risk of having your number of guests in your event space; does it allow for social distancing?

You want to look at how you can manage queues and how you can conduct these in a health and safety conscious manner. This usually involves introducing guide ropes into your event with markers put on the ground for crowds to follow. This ensures your queues will run smoothly.

Creating and Managing An Outdoor Summer Event For ‘Simple Life’

‘Simple Life’ are a regular client for us, putting on three events for them a year. Of course, this year was slightly different due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

Simple Life Ice Cream summer event produced and managed by the Julia Charles Event Management team. We made this outdoor community event compliant to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

Every year we put on an Easter Event, Summer Event and Christmas Event for Simple Life who like to treat their tenants with an outdoor community event.

Most recently, we put together an Outdoor Summer Event for Simple Life, adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

How Did We Make It COVID-Safe?

  • We kept social distancing measures in place, keeping 2-meter distances at all times
  • We provided guides including foot markers, ropes to separate areas and create queuing areas
  • Kept the event staffed at all times, keeping crowd control
  • Maintained the cleanliness of the event space, sanitising the event space
  • Created ‘Cleaning Areas’ – to wash hands, wipe down equipment etc.

What Was The COVID-Safe Outdoor Event?

We hired out and managed our bespoke branded Ice Cream Van for Simple Life’s tenants to enjoy. It was a very straight-forward event that had large crowds to manage and resulted in great satisfaction from our client, visitors and ourselves!

It was an outdoor event, which of course made for a more COVID-safe event as swarms of COVID do not travel as fast as in indoor environments.

Prior to the event, we planned out timings with tenants and kept them updated whilst on site so everyone on the residential estate could come to the ice cream van in a safe manner. We posted on social media to keep everyone updated live. This kept groupings to a minimum and kept queues very small.

Child enjoying ice cream at our Socially Distanced outdoor event we created and managed for Simple Life.

Each street of the residential estate came out at specific times with masks, keeping social distancing in place. We put 2m markers on the site with event managers on site to keep an eye on (to enforce the 2m rule).

The Ice Cream van had a tender in PPE who cleaned the station after each social group had left. The driver was inside the Van the whole time. We fully adhered to COVID guidelines and restrictions at the time of the event.

The outdoor event was staffed with event managers who made sure rules and guidelines were followed, anyone infringing on the rules was spoken to.

Every event is different, see below for a flow chart of what we do for other events:

COVID Safe Events Flow Chart. See a full rundown of how we run events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

Click here to find out more about how we run events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

If you are not comfortable with doing a LIVE event, you can look at hybrid and virtual events, which we also offer.

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