Graeme Le Saux

Graeme le Saux played as a professional footballer from 1989 until 2005. He played both the role of a left winger to a left back. Starting off at Chelsea football club Graeme then moved to the Blackburn Rovers and was a part of their 1994-95 premier league. In 1997 Graeme returned to Chelsea for another six seasons before moving to Southampton in 2003. Within his career, he appeared at 403 club appearances and scored 20 goals. He was named to the Professional Footballers’ Association Team of the Year, once with Blackburn in 1995 and once with Chelsea in 1998. Graeme was the most expensive defender in English football after a £5 million transfer.

  • Graeme played from 1989 to 2005
  • Started as a left winger for Chelsea and then became a left back
  • Left Chelsea in 1993 to join the Blackburn Rovers
  • He announced his retirement from football in 2005
  • Scored 20 goals from 403 club appearances
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