Ray Parlour

Joining as a trainee in 1992 Ray spent 14 years at Arsenal. He made 436 appearances and had tremendous success. While playing for Arsenal, Ray won the league cup, two FA Cups and three league titles. Not only did he play in the champions league he also played the Uefa cup and in the Euro 2000 qualifier against Poland in 1999 he made his debut. Ray played alongside Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp. He left Highbury in 2004 and signed for Middlesbrough for two and a half years until 2007 when he joined Hull city before retiring.

  • He spent 14 years at Arsenal where he made 468 appearances
  • Ray won three league titles and two FA cups
  • He made his debut in the Euro 2000 qualifier against Poland in 1999
  • Ray became an Arsenal player in 1992
  • Have lots of experiences and stories to share
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