Sir Alex Ferguson CBE

Considered the greatest football manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson CBE managed Manchester United from 1986 to 2013, turning them into the most successful team of the premier league era in the process. Winning one of the largest selections of trophies ever during his time in Manchester, Sir Alex’s sides were formidable opponents across the world. A hugely popular football speaker, Sir Alex describes how to create a winning mindset in an establishment and how to keep on being successful in the future.

  • Amassed an outrageous 38 trophies in his 27 year career at Manchester United
  • Impressive speaker has even lectured at Harvard University
  • Renowned as a strict disciplinarian that commanded players’ respect
  • Led Manchester United to the first Champions league win of the premier league era
  • Also had a successful playing career for top Scottish clubs such as Rangers
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